International Light Technologies launches new radiometer and picoammeter for light test and measurement

The ILT5000 is the ILT1700 for the 21st Century!

Peabody, MA – International Light Technologies (ILT), a leading designer and manufacturer of light measurement and detection systems, is pleased to announce the introduction of the all new ILT5000 Research Radiometer & Picoammeter.

The ILT5000 is “The ILT1700 for the 21st Century” improving on the industry standard with rapid measurements (up to 100 Hz), a broader dynamic range (100fA to 1mA), extensive supporting software apps, wireless communication, internal data storage, and a 4-20 mA output. The broad linear dynamic range of the ILT5000 and the SMA input connector allow the meter to also serve as a highly sensitive and accurate picoammeter.

The ILT5000 supports numerous light measurement applications including, but not limited to; Radiometry, Photometry, Research, UVGI-Sterilization, Solar, Photoresist, Optical Radiation Hazard, Phototherapy, Photo-degradation, Plant Growth and more.

“ILT understands that light measurement is all about the data. The new ILT5000 is all about collecting accurate data over the broadest range of light intensities possible”, said Jill Fowler, Director of ILT's Systems & Sources product lines. “ILT reached out to our ILT1700 customers and we listened. We have added the key features that our customers need; Wireless, USB and 4-20 mA output, broader calibrated dynamic range, faster data transfer and easy-to-use software.”

System configurations are based on the industry standard ILT1700 Research Radiometer/Photometer. The ILT5000 is backwards compatible with the ILT1700 “D” type sensors, as well as all of ILT's vast supporting filters, input optics, integrating spheres and ISO 17025/NIST traceable calibrations. The ILT5000 also doubles as a highly accurate picoammeter and has a SMA connector to allow connection of any current generating source including non-ILT photodiodes and sensors.

The ILT5000 is supplied with 4 versions of complementary software designed to cover a wide range of applications. A full API and LabVIEW start-up code are available for customers who want to write their own control software. The software and ILT5000 are produced in the USA at ILT's Peabody, MA facility which allows ILT to rapidly customize system components to meet the needs of our customers and OEMs.


Dave Ingalls, Marketing Mgr. - International Light Technologies
+1-978-818-6180 X215

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