About Us

For years, LEDs Magazine and its events have been known as “component centric.” While that identity has served us well, it doesn’t fully illustrate the breadth of content, thought leadership, and subject-matter expertise that LEDs delivers from the lighting manufacturing, design, and supply chain.

LEDs Magazine continuously evolves to reflect the changing market, technological advancements, and newfound applications and opportunities for LED & lighting businesses and stakeholders. Longtime audience members to new readers will find a full end-to-end connection in our coverage and programs, from components and enabling technologies to product development, from finished solid-state lighting products to hardware, software, and controls integration in both established and emerging applications for LEDs and related systems.

While enormous market opportunity remains in retrofitting conventional light sources, our audience — and our brand — has moved beyond celebrating the lifetime of LED light sources to leveraging their capabilities in connected applications, energy-reduction and decarbonization efforts, occupant health and wellbeing, minimizing environmental impact, and engaging people in myriad use cases: indoor/outdoor, commercial, healthcare, education, and even in vehicles.

Our content approach comprises the following key areas.

  • Science- and consensus-backed advances in LED-based technology: Research that seeds commercial opportunity, standards and methodologies that support responsible product development, and component architecture and design innovations that enable new features and applications.
  • Design practice: How do professionals employ the qualities of LED-based products, supporting electronics, and controls systems? How do designers, specifiers, and integrators collaborate with customers and stakeholders to establish and achieve project objectives? How does the industry facilitate selecting the right products for the right job?
  • Business insights and market analysis: How does the LED and lighting market, funding, and program activity provide context for an industry and applications roadmap?
  • Thought leadership: How can we collaborate with professional associations, standards organizations, government programs, and market transformation programs that support commercialization and adoption of LED technology into large-scale applications by disseminating clear best practices and market messaging?
  • Industry stewardship: We seek diverse perspectives on business strategy; professional development; market entry; environmental, social, and governance (ESG) efforts; how diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives influence the industry, end users, businesses, communities, and outcomes.

We look forward to growing this brand in tandem with the evolving use cases for LED technology and emergence of new applications, as well as refinement of existing technology, to better serve the needs of modern global society.

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*Updated April 23, 2024.