Horticultural Lighting

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Horticultural Lighting

Acuity Brands acquires Current Arize horticultural lighting

Nov. 27, 2023
Current uproots its Arize line to concentrate on commercial & industrial lighting, while Acuity plants seeds for indoor agriculture growth with acquisition.
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Compelling equity essay receives B2B publishing recognition

Aug. 18, 2023
LEDs Magazine contributor Alana Shepherd has been recognized by FOLIO: magazine as a finalist in its 2023 Eddie Awards program.
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Look, no lights! The sun will have to do in greenhouses, with energy prices still running high, thereby slowing sales of horticultural lighting.
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Signify gets no pain relief in the second quarter (UPDATED)

July 28, 2023
CEO Rondolat describes a “missed season” for horticulture, while indoor commercial and home markets continue to slump. Interest rates are now a factor, while outdoor lighting ...
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COMMENTARY | Always learning, always growing

July 28, 2023
Editor-in-chief CARRIE MEADOWS reflects on the engagement with the LED and SSL industry that has supported her career path and continues to influence the focus of LEDs Magazine...
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FIG. 1. An AI-backed software platform with a user-friendly interface allows greenhouse growers to diversify production with easily configurable lighting zones.
Horticultural Lighting

INDUSTRY INSIGHTS | How AI facilitates indoor agriculture efficiencies

July 28, 2023
With AI algorithms providing data analytics and, in turn, responsive lighting capabilities, FRANCOIS ROY-MOIŞAN explains how growers can leverage smart technology to future-proof...
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LEDs Magazine announces Carrie Meadows as editor-in-chief

July 3, 2023
Managing editor Carrie Meadows began her role as editor-in-chief effective July 1. Wanda Lau remains with the Lighting Group as editorial director, overseeing content strategy...