Remembering Maury Wright: More than an editor — A friend

June 25, 2024
LEDs Magazine editor-in-chief CARRIE MEADOWS shares with great sadness that former editor Maury Wright has passed, and celebrates his memory.

Two and a half years ago, LEDs Magazine said farewell to our friend and colleague Maury Wright as he retired his post as editor-in-chief. As sad as we were to see him go, we knew that he needed to focus on his health.

Some of our longtime readers who also counted Maury as an industry colleague and friend know that he revealed a renewed battle with cancer in his last LinkedIn post in January 2022. Unfortunately, complications from the cancer’s return claimed him this June. This is the spot in my column where Maury would tell me to work on the transition, as I tend to jump right into the next idea. In his memory, I am going to deliberately leave that “rough.”

I try not to repeat myself too much; I have mentioned before that my time working on LEDs is the longest span I’ve ever served with one magazine brand, whether within the former PennWell Media Group or under Endeavor Business Media.

You get to talking about various things when you work with a person for nearly nine years. Still, it’s not the work-related routine that I’m thinking about right now. Maury is survived by his wonderful, funny wife, Andrea; their son, Nick; his wife, Mary, and extended family. Over time, I learned that Maury was quietly proud of Nick’s education at his own alma mater, Auburn University, and his pursuit of a career in software and automotive controls engineering. I knew Maury studied electrical engineering, had a passion for electronics, and turned that into an editorial opportunity over at EDN Magazine in his earlier years. During his retirement, Maury was tinkering with an old stereo system. It wasn’t until the pandemic, though, when my husband Jeff took up an interest in Microsoft Flight Simulator, that I learned Maury had a pilot’s license for years.

I know Maury and Andrea are dog people. They had several loyal and loveable golden retrievers together — one of whom I recall accidentally roped Maury into a head injury right before he was supposed to travel for business. They adopted an aussiedoodle named Luna in recent years, whom he labeled a “devil dog.” I could hear the smile in his voice, though, as he described her exploits. Even as a dog dad, Maury could not have been more sympathetic the day Jeff and I had to say goodbye to one of our sweet cats; he told me to take the day off after we finished the newsletter.

Maury also spent a significant amount of time enjoying lake life at Lake Martin, Alabama. From their family home, he and Andrea and their extended family took the boat out and cruised to shoreline restaurants, entertained guests, and cajoled their water-loving dogs back to land as required. Being a fair-skinned Irish/Italian American lass, I lectured him about sun protection on the water. He in turn lectured me about the virtues of a well-worn hat. But I digress.

Maury definitely immersed himself in warmer climates, having split time between the San Diego area and Alabama for many years, and vacationing with friends in the Keys when the chance arose. He loved golf and asked me when I was going to start playing alongside Jeff. I’m sorry, Maury, the answer is still “Never.” I’d rather walk the course and heckle the players. I’m a natural at that, but it does require more practice.

Perhaps I should circle back to Maury’s career and mention that he received publishing accolades for his work, garnering both ASBPE and FOLIO: awards recognition. He became editor-in-chief of LEDs after a previous stint in freelance work and two years as a senior editor for LEDs. To me, though, the number of valued industry relationships he forged, former direct reports who flourished under his guidance, and insiders who ask me, “How is Maury?” says much more about the knowledge, energy, enthusiasm, support, and mentorship he freely offered throughout his life and career.

Rest easy, my friend, and be at peace. You are missed.

About the Author

Carrie Meadows | Editor-in-Chief, LEDs Magazine

Carrie Meadows has more than 20 years of experience in the publishing and media industry. She worked with the PennWell Technology Group for more than 17 years, having been part of the editorial staff at Solid State Technology, Microlithography World, Lightwave, Portable Design, CleanRooms, Laser Focus World, and Vision Systems Design before the group was acquired by current parent company Endeavor Business Media.

Meadows has received finalist recognition for LEDs Magazine in the FOLIO Eddie Awards, and has volunteered as a judge on several B2B editorial awards committees. She received a BA in English literature from Saint Anselm College, and earned thesis honors in the college's Geisel Library. Without the patience to sit down and write a book of her own, she has gladly undertaken the role of editor for the writings of friends and family.

Meadows enjoys living in the beautiful but sometimes unpredictable four seasons of the New England region, volunteering with an animal shelter, reading (of course), and walking with friends and extended "dog family" in her spare time.