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Who We Are

LEDs Magazine is the most trusted global resource for engineers, researchers, scientists, and technical professionals which provides comprehensive coverage of solid-state lighting (SSL) technologies, applications, and markets. LEDs Magazine reports on and analyzes the latest developments and significant trends in both the technology and business of LEDs worldwide — and offers greater technical depth than any other publication in the field.

LEDs Magazine has close collaborative relationships with the Strategies Unlimited market research business unit and Strategies in Light conferences and events management. Together, these organizations comprise our LED & Lighting Network. From the manufacturer to the end user, the LED & Lighting Network’s mission is to bridge the spectrum of light with the highest level of excellence in editorial, technical content, and business development opportunities, providing 360-degree views of the global SSL market. United together, the LED & Lighting Network’s resources drive innovation and inspire solutions in LEDs and lighting by connecting the technology with the applications of the future.

Who We Serve

    Product developers and system engineers who deliver innovative new SSL technologies

    R&D technicians and scientists from across the value chain, from materials science through SSL system architecture

    Lighting specifiers who leverage the advances, efficiency, and light quality from SSL products to deliver compelling projects

    Supply chain specialists such as distributors and manufacturers who provide technical guidance, access to products, and additional services

What We Do

LEDs Magazine’s resources and content will help you to:

  • Respond to rapidly changing LED market demands
  • Learn about industry standards and performance metrics
  • Understand global LED market dynamics
  • Finding new partners and following business trends

We also enable you to navigate the transition to a technology industry by:

  • Defining emerging applications and the expertise needed to develop them
  • Providing industry insights that cover strategic applications and business topics
  • Sourcing expert guidance on integrating smart systems built around SSL

Keep up-to-date with new and changing technologies in our coverage, including:

  • Industry events and exhibits coverage with commentary
  • Sapphire Awards program
  • Focus On articles featuring a product, application, or project category
  • Top trends and stories of the year

Stay abreast of reliable, technical information on products and applications via:

  • Weekly, Topic-specific, and Product Showcase newsletters
  • LED & Lighting Industry Guide
  • Industry-submitted announcements in our Company Newsfeed

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