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Red Adhesive Turns Clear Upon Exposure to UV Light
Bonding materials (epoxies, TIMs, solders etc)

Red Adhesive Turns Clear Upon Exposure to UV Light

July 11, 2024
UV15RCL adhesive is a UV curable, optically clear compound that changes from red to clear once exposed to UV light. This distinctive feature gives users the confidence that thorough...
Evluma Bsa Video Thumb 0723

Evluma RoadMax RX1 delivers best-in-class features for roadway lighting - LightFair 2023

July 19, 2023
Evluma CEO Don Vendetti explains the key advances in Evluma's BrightStar Award recognized RoadMax RX1 roadway luminaire, examining the common problem of disability glare and how...
Pharos Bright Star Thumb 0723

New lighting control solution from Pharos - LightFair 2023

Benefit from Pharos' expertise in dynamic architectural lighting with an all-new, practical, and straightforward control solution centered around a single, reliable, set-and-forget...
Bonding materials (epoxies, TIMs, solders etc)

Medical Grade UV Curable Adhesive For TPU Bonding

July 14, 2023
While bonding TPU is known to be challenging, Master Bond has formulated adhesive system UV17Med which has been specifically formulated for TPU to TPU bonding. This compound passes...
Tn Ams Osram

ams OSRAM's game-changing innovations at 2022 Lightfair

July 21, 2022
ams OSRAM presented its latest lighting and sensor technologies, which can improve the lives of many people in the areas of UV-C treatment, horticulture or in indoor, outdoor ...