LEDs Magazine Editorial Submission Guidelines

The word on our coverage

LEDs Magazine is part of Endeavor Business Media's Lighting Group, which serves the global LED and solid-state lighting (SSL) supply chain with a portfolio of written content, multimedia, events, continuing education, and research capabilities covering every aspect of lighting, controls, and associated technologies. From the manufacturer to the end user, our mission is to bridge the spectrum of light with the highest level of excellence in editorial, technical content, and business development opportunities, providing 360-degree views of the global market.

Currently, LEDs Magazine reaches more than 250,000 readers and followers via our website, newsletters, and social media channels. Many of our readers are scientists, engineers, product developers, designers, and management-level professionals who are sophisticated and knowledgeable about LEDs and related applications, but are not specialists in all areas.

In addition to providing in-depth articles written by LEDs Magazine staff, the magazine accepts articles and columns for publication from qualified outside contributors. We vet these contributions for informative value to our audience and will not accept contributions that promote a company's products or services as "a selling point." Topics should be approached from the perspective of the professional audience — explain how to solve a problem; how to meet standards; why a product development approach meets certain needs; how to address lighting design challenges specific to application environments; and so forth. Your company's "solution" is not the focus but the technology and application objectives are.

Feature article subjects may include component, materials, or systems designs; applications and case studies; market trends; industry-related policy, regulations, and standards; and other developments relating to the technologies that LEDs Magazine covers.

Commentary (Last Word) and industry perspectives (Industry Insights) on subjects of business, R&D, or policy significance to the LED and lighting supply chain are also accepted.

We also accept lighting and controls projects for staff-written coverage, so please keep us apprised of your latest lighting design and lighting controls implementations (email us below).

Although we do promote a yearly editorial calendar (view our most recent media planner), we publish articles on many topics that do not appear on the calendar, so don’t hesitate to propose your own topic!

Let's get down to details…


  • Submit a short abstract (75–100 words) with brief details about the author/organization responsible for the submission, including contact information for the author(s) and any external communications representatives (send to [email protected])
  • Include any desired publication timing – we will do our best to accommodate
  • Please allow 5 business days for response, then follow up via e-mail


While online media gives us greater flexibility, we do like to plan! Contributed material is due at minimum one month ahead of the preferred publication date to allow for review and revision as needed. Necessary clearances or approvals for publication should be obtained in advance of the due date (contact us to discuss copyright policies). Anticipated delays should be discussed with the editorial team as early as possible. LEDs Magazine reserves the right to schedule accepted submissions based on timing of topics, events, and resource constraints.

Articles that do not meet our editorial guidelines may be delayed for publication. We reserve the right to reject any article that we feel compromises the editorial integrity of LEDs Magazine.


Word counts should be between 1400–1800 words for features, around 1200–1600 words for Industry Insights or Standards topics, and between 500-800 words for Last Word commentary or blogs.

Articles should include between 3–5 line drawings, photos, or tables. Last Word commentary or blogs should include an author headshot at minimum; additional art can be accepted depending on its relevance to the written content.

E-mails cannot contain attachments larger than 15 MB — Please use a file-sharing service as needed and notify us via e-mail to expect file notifications.

Materials should include:

  • Full text
  • Abstract: a 100-word summary
  • Suggested headline using an active verb
  • Art and captions, with callouts in the body of the article
  • References, where appropriate, with callouts in the body of the article – We prefer to provide web-accessible references for readers whenever possible
  • Biographical information [full title, work address, and email address of the author(s)]

Art guidelines:

  • Tables can be sent embedded in Word or Excel — all we need is editable text to recreate. Data charts such as bar, pie, line graphs can also be formatted and sent as Excel files
  • Illustrations/schematics/infographics should be vector file formats such as Adobe Illustrator (AI), PDF, EPS, or SVG – minimum 1500 pixels wide; larger is always better
  • Photos or screen captures should be high resolution (300 dpi or better) PNG, JPEG, TIFF, or PSD (Photoshop) files. If the resolution is unknown, check that the image meets the minimum width of 1500 pixels             

What about copyright and re-publishing?

We're glad you asked! Endeavor Business Media assumes copyright of all final published materials for LEDs Magazine. When an article is accepted and scheduled for publication, we will send the author(s) or author representative an online copyright agreement that must be completed as a condition of publication. LEDs Magazine does not accept articles that have been published in full elsewhere without confirmation that article licensing is not restricted. We can talk specifics if you have a particular situation you’d like to discuss with our editors.

Any multimedia or artwork must include appropriate permissions and credits. Again, email us if you have questions!

Extra, extra, read all about it – What if I have news?

In an ideal world, LEDs Magazine would cover every announcement that we receive in an original news story. But we have to make decisions based on the timeliness and value to our audience of LED and lighting professionals regarding each announcement or editorial inquiry. Does the announcement support our major topics of coverage? Does the story have significant business or product development impact? Does it show innovation and novelty in technology and/or application? If not, we are probably looking at something that should be submitted as a press release, new product announcement, or case study for our Company Newsfeed. Email press releases, including publishable contact information, with an image or company logo no larger than 15 MB — JPEG, PNG, and TIFF formats preferred — to Carrie Meadows.

For extended, customizable marketing resources, contact our business solutions team to explore LED & Lighting Industry Guide offerings and packages.

For audience insights and marketing opportunities, visit the LEDs Magazine marketing site.


*Updated April 23, 2024