Strategies in Light Europe 2011 main conference program

With a theme of “Enhancing the Quality and Performance of LED Lighting,” this year’s Strategies in Light Europe 2011 conference takes place in Milan, Italy.

After a successful launch in September 2010, the Strategies in Light Europe conference and exhibition moves to Milan, Italy, where the event will take place on October 4-6, 2011. The conference program, below, will address key issues surrounding the evolution and transformation of the lighting market, and the ongoing development of higher-quality, higher-performance LED lighting.

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Table of Contents

Keynote Session
Plenary Session
Session 2, Main Conference
Session 3, Main Conference
Session 4, Main Conference
Session 5, Main Conference
Session 6, Main Conference
Session 7, Main Conference
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Keynote Session
>> Tuesday 4 October, 15:30-17:00

  • Lighting the Way: Perspectives on LEDs and the Global Lighting Market*
    Dominik Wee and Arthur Jaunich, LED Competence Center
    McKinsey & Company, Germany

  • Designing with LEDs: Redefining the Lit Environment*
    Simon Fisher, General Manager EMEA, Indoor Luminaire Solutions
    GE Lighting, UK

  • LED Lighting Evolution and Global Market Opportunities*
    Vrinda Bhandarkar, Director of Research, LED Lighting
    Strategies Unlimited, USA

*Invited speaker

+++++++++++++ WEDNESDAY 5 OCTOBER +++++++++++++

Plenary Session (Main Conference, Session 1)
>> Wednesday 5 October, 08:30-10:30

  • LED Lighting in the EU: Status Update*
    Paolo Bertoldi, Action Leader
    European Commission DG JRC, Italy
  • The Next Phase in LED Illumination*
    Geert van der Meer, Senior Director, Global Product Marketing GBU LED Systems
    Philips Lighting, The Netherlands

  • International Cooperation for Quality Assurance of SSL Products: Results from the International Energy Agency Annex on SSL*
    Marc Fontoynont, Operating Agent, Annex on Solid State Lighting 2010-2014
    International Energy Agency

  • OLEDs for General Lighting Applications*
    Bernhard Stapp, Senior Vice President, Solid State Lighting
    Osram AG, Germany
*Invited speaker

+++++++++++++ Parallel Tracks +++++++++++++

Session 2, Main Conference (Parallel Tracks)
>> Wednesday 5 October, 11:00-12:00

Session 2 - European Initiatives #1
EU LED Quality Charter
Casper Kofod, Director
Energy Piano, Denmark

An Overview of the Russian LED Industry*
Eugene Dolin, CEO
Russian LED Makers Association

Session 2 - Luminaire/System Design
The Holistic System Approach to Lighting Fixture Design
Gordon Routledge, Consultant
Dialight, UK

LED Packaging and Technology Trends: How to Enable Massive Adoption in General Lighting
Eric Virey, Senior Market and Technology Analyst
Yole Developpement, USA
[Co-Author: Philippe Roussel]

Integration of Thermal Management with Optical Systems for Improved Performance and Cost
Ian Turner, CEO
Juice Technology Limited, UK
[Co-author: Phil Rimmer]

*Invited speaker

Session 3, Main Conference (Parallel Tracks)
>> Wednesday 5 October, 13:30-15:00

Session 3 - European Initiatives #2
Requirements for a Future Lamp-Luminaire System: the European EnLight Project
Thomas Noll, Senior Director
OSRAM GmbH, Germany

Is There a Need for an LED Performance Label?
Jacob Nuesink, Global Account Manager
DEKRA Certification BV, The Netherlands
[Co-author: Herman te Lindert]

Metrology for Solid State Lighting: the European Metrology Research Project
Simon Hall, Senior Research Scientist
National Physical Laboratory, UK
[Co-author: Paul Miller]

Session 3 - Drivers & Dimming
Dimmed Efficiency of LED, HID and CFL Lighting Systems
Rasib Khan, Engineering Manager
Harvard Engineering, UK
[Co-author: Richard Adelsberg]

LED Lighting System Level Impacts of Driver Electronics
Nick Holland, Strategic Marketing Lighting Power Products
Texas Instruments, Germany

A Practical Guide to Designing for High Reliability in SSL Systems
Steve Roberts, Technical Manager
Recom, Austria

Session 4, Main Conference (Parallel Tracks)
>> Wednesday 5 October, 15:30-17:00

Session 4 - Standards
LED Modules and Zhaga Standards*
Andy Davies, Product General Manager, LED Solutions, EMEA
GE Lighting, UK

Better Quality SSL by Performance Testing
Carl Bloomfield, Lighting, Global Business Line Leader
Intertek, USA

Apples & Pears – Why Standardisation of Performance Requirements for LED Luminaires is Important*
Kay Rauwerdink

CIE Committee Work Related to LEDs and Lighting*
Denan Konjhodzic, Applications Engineer
Instruments Systems GmbH

Session 4 - Networks & Control
Are DC Power Distribution Networks the Way Forward for LED Lighting Systems?
Marc Ottolini, CEO
iSotera Ltd, UK
[Co-author: Phil Rimmer]

TCP/IP as a Control Protocol for an LED Light System
Meinrad Braun, Director Sales
dilitronics GmbH, Germany

Wireless DALI: the Right Complement to LED Luminaires
Yariv Oren, CEO
Virtual Extension, Israel
[Co-author: Marius Gafen]

*Invited speaker

+++++++++++++ THURSDAY 6 OCTOBER +++++++++++++

Session 5, Main Conference (Parallel Tracks)
>> Thursday 6 October, 08:30-10:00

Session 5 - Market Development
The Global Voice of the Lighting Industry and the SSL Dimensions*
Jürgen Sturm, Global Lighting Forum

What Makes an LED Company Attractive to Investors
Marco Toja, Director
Luckygar, Monaco

Enabling Fast Adoption of LED Lighting by Luminaire Manufacturers Through a Different Market Approach
Markus Zeiler, General Manager Global Sales & Marketing
Optogan GmbH, Germany

Session 5 - Retrofits Lamps
Omni-Directional LED Lamps
Markus Hofmann, Senior Development Engineer
OSRAM GmbH, Germany

How to Design a Perfect LED Bulb
Kamal Najmi, Power Design Engineer for Lighting
National Semiconductor, Germany

Creating the Price Breakthrough in the Consumer Market for LED Lighting
Martijn Dekker, CTO
Lemnis Lighting, The Netherlands
[Co-author: Jurgen Hornman]

*Invited Speaker

Session 6, Main Conference (Parallel Tracks)
>> Thursday 6 October, 10:30-12:00

Session 6 - Lighting Applications #1
The Toolset for LED Consistency in General Illumination*
Mark van den Berg, Director of Marketing EMEA
Philips Lumileds, USA

Requirements for Wide Area Communications with LED Street Lights: Learning from One of Europe's Largest LED Telemanagement Deployments
Will Gibson, Director
Telensa Ltd, UK

Solid-State Lighting for the Bridges of Dublin: a Decade Later
Duilio Passariello, Lighting Consultant
Light-Plus, Spain

Session 6 - Optical Materials & Packaging
How Can Plastics Support LEDs in Lighting?
Klaus Reinartz, Director of Global LED Program
Bayer MaterialScience AG, Germany
[Co-author: Wojciech Cieplik, Bayer Sheet Europe GmbH]

Silicone Technology: New Possibilities for the New Lighting
Hugo Ferreira da Silva, Global Market Manager
Dow Corning, Belgium

UV LED Package: An Hermetic and Non-organic Solution
Frank Gindele, Product Developer
Schott EP, Germany
[Co-author: Robert Hettler]

*Invited Speaker

Session 7, Main Conference (Parallel Tracks)
>> Thursday 6 October, 13:00-15:00

Session 7 - Lighting Applications #2
Solid-State Lighting: Opportunities for Luminaire Manufacturers*
Christian Hochfilzer, Technical Director
Regent Lighting, Switzerland

Zero Energy Building: a Great Opportunity for LED Lighting
Franco Bruno, Aerospace Engineer
Tecnid SpA, Italy

Enabling Adoption of LEDs in the High Bay Lighting Market
Shawn Keeney, Applications Engineer
Cree, USA

Reducing Wasted Light
Fenella Frost, Marketing Director
PhotonStar LED Ltd., UK
[Co-authors: Majd Zoorob, James Mckenzie]

Session 7 - Optics
Ergonomic and Efficient Reflectors with High-Power LED Arrays
Hans Laschefski, Consultant Business development MIRO
Alanod Aluminum-Veredlung GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
[Co-authors: Matthias Weigert, Detlef Düe]

MR16 LED-Optic Design: Hitting the Sweet Spot
Mike Bean, Head of Design
Carlco Technical Plastics, UK
[Co-author: Phil Tierney]

Use of Light Guides in LED Lighting for Concentrators
Meir Ben-Levy, CTO
Magic Lighting Optics, Israel

The Visual Barrier: Designing the Night Appearance of an LED Product
Giorgia Tordini, Optical Designer
Philips, France

*Invited Speaker

Please direct any questions or comments about the conference program to Tim Whitaker, Conference Director, Strategies in Light Europe and Editor-in-Chief, LEDs Magazine.

Strategies in Light Europe 2011 - Schedule of Events

Tuesday 4 October
Pre-Conference Workshops
09.00-15.00 SSL Investor Forum
15.30-17.00 Main Conference - KEYNOTE Session
17.00-19.00 Welcome Reception
17.00-19.00 Exhibition Floor Open

Wednesday 5 October
08.30-10.00 Main Conference - PLENARY Session
10.30-17.00 Main Conference - MARKET TRANSFORMATION Track
10.30-17.00 Main Conference - TECHNOLOGY Track
17.00-19.00 Networking Reception
08.30-19.00 Exhibition Floor Open

Thursday 6 October
08.30-15.00 Main Conference – MARKET TRANSFORMATION Track
08.30-15.00 Main Conference – TECHNOLOGY Track
08.30-15.00 Exhibition Floor Open

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