OPTOTECH announces its new brand design for 2015

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Leading Taiwanese optoelectronics brand OPTOTECH has announced its new brand design elements for 2015. Taking “Light, Responsiveness and Interactivity” as its basic concepts, the new brand design integrates individual design components that include creativity, vitality, art and mobile lifestyle trends and builds on OPTOTECH’s original vision to get people thinking in a new way about the beauty and applications of light!

The four key brand design elements for 2015 include graphic design for corporate and product promotional materials, the OPTOTECH corporate website, brand image videos, and short films introducing the OPTOTECH brand. The new design takes Opto Tech Corporation’s original corporate identification system and image as its keystone whilst combining a new rich palette of colors with creative interactive concepts to showcase the fact that OPTOTECH is a creator that pushes exploration of the wide-ranging potential of “light and responsiveness” to new limits. As a result, OPTOTECH has focused its brand on developing smart lifestyle technology applications and realizing a human-centric, high-quality “aesthetics of living.”

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