New AvaSoft 6.2 features Irradiance application for LED analysis

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Avantes is pleased to announce the release of the newest version 6.2 of AvaSoft software for the AvaSpec line of spectrometers.

The AvaSoft 6.2 enables multiple USB communication, so multiple versions of AvaSoft can run simultaneously on the same PC, each controlling another spectrometer.

This enables applications where spectra from more than 8 spectrometer channels need to be taken simultaneously.

Another new feature in AvaSoft 6.2 is automated indication of saturation of the detector, preventing users to obtain false spectral readings, when in absorbance, transmission or irradiance mode. Also a progress bar was added for long integration time readings.

The AvaSoft 6.2 Irradiance application add-on has been completely renewed with many new irradiance parameters being introduced. The colorimetric, photometric, radiometric and/or peak parameters can be displayed in an irradiance chart (includes a chromaticity diagram), or in time series mode.

Typical LED measurement parameters have been added, such as Dominant Wavelength, Purity, Candela, FWHM, Centroid and Center Wavelength. Moreover, the photon application which can be used to calculate the number of photons received at a surface, has been included in AvaSoft-IRRAD as well.

The AvaSoft 6.2 software is automatically distributed with each new AvaSpec spectrometer and for existing users can be downloaded for free from the Avantes website.

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