Self Electronics offers PATH LED fixture for aisle lighting

(Atlanta, Georgia) Global LED lighting designer and manufacturer SELF Electronics has announced release of a new line of linear LED lighting fixtures (“PATH”) designed to provide enhanced visual appeal to any commercial or retail location. PATH combines aesthetic appeal with high performance output, uniform light distribution, and energy saving up to 50% for aisle and down light applications.

Having served as private label supplier for several Fortune 500 retailer and lighting brands, SELF Electronics has expanded its product offerings and is now positioned itself to boost its network of manufacturer representatives to market and sell direct to retailers.

Customized Designs
Richard Zheng VP of Sales and Marketing Self Electronics said SELF provides much more than simple ‘out of the box’ solutions. “Lighting plays such a critical role in retail and grocery sales,” he said. “And we understand each retail environment has its unique challenges. Because we are a designer and manufacturer, we feel that we have the advantage over our competition in understanding those challenges. With a U.S based distribution center, complimented by engineering, sales support and warranty fulfillment operations all under one roof, we offer personalized, customized services that will help our customers retrofit displays to enhance visibility and boost sales.”

PATH Design Advantages:

- Sleek Design: Offered in a, clean architectural design at 47- 1/4 “length (1200mm), 2-7/8” width (73.02mm) and 3-1/8”(79.375mm), height, PATH is constructed with a durable, lightweight aluminum alloy. With surface and pendant mounting options, the linear fixture is suitable for various down light and aisle applications.
- Sealed Housing: Sealed design prevents light loss associated with dirt, dust, and insect collection typical of open air designs. Light losses due to dirt accumulation can have a major impact on optical efficiency.
- High Output: At 5000lm (@4000K), has higher lumen output than comparably priced models. When installed in a batch, the light output differences become even more pronounced.
- High CRI: CRI of 85 renders colors more vividly, enhances the appearances of products and peoole, makes customers more comfortable, and encourages them to stay longer and shop more
- Uniform Light Distribution: PATH’s "flood" beam angle diffusers provide more consistent light output on all directions, compared to "batwing" beam angle designs, which weakens light output in the vertical direction. With interconnection, PATH has no ‘dark zone, which can discourage shopper behavior.

- Energy Saving Compared to Fluorescents: PATH replaces 2-4FT T8's @ 32 Watts each 64W compared to 48W on PATH = 30% energy reduction. PATH also eliminates the mercury and hazmat disposal fees required with fluorescent tubes and has 50,000 hour life span.
- Visual Appeal: Anti-glare design and soft light diffusion provides a soothing effect to shoppers and showcases the products in the best possible way.
Note: SELF Electronics is actively seeking manufacturing reps to help sell its products across North America. If you are interesting in becoming one of our partners, please email

About Us
Founded 20 years ago in Ningbo China, privately-owned SELF Electronics is the largest indoor LED lighting manufacturer in China. A global leader with operations in China, Asia and North America, SELF Electronics specializes in the design and manufacturing of LED lighting, sensors and LED power supplies as well as electronic ballasts, transformers. The company features a highly recognized research and development team --- 90+ engineers; 115 technical patents; and such awards as the prestigious European iF product design award in 2014. The company is a UL CTDP (Client Test Data Program) Certificate Holder, and is recognized as an official author for the National Standards of Indoor LED Lighting in China.

Subsidiary SELF Electronics USA Corporation ( was founded in 2009 to support the US market. SELF systems are sold through a network of manufacturing reps to grocery and convenience stores, big box retailers, and as an OEM for manufacturers of refrigerated cases, refrigerated doors, and store lighting fixtures.


Norah Silva - Self Electronics
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