LED lighting supplier Deco Lighting hires director of product development and engineering

April 25, 2016
Commerce, CA – Deco Lighting has made another bold move to raise its innovation game by hiring Michael Bailey to be its Director of Product Development and Engineering. Bailey is a world-class leader in lighting engineering who has developed many industry-changing products.

A veteran in the lighting industry with over 22 years of experience as an industrial designer he has worked with leading manufacturers of theatrical and architectural lighting, housewares and consumer goods and medical equipment across North America. Just some of the companies he has had tenures as include Standard Vision, Lumenpulse, DMF and Axis Lighting.

Since 2005 Michael has assumed leadership roles with architectural lighting manufacturers in the United States and Canada, and has been actively involved in cutting-edge LED research and development in relation to commercial and residential lighting products. “The rapid development and acceptance of LEDs as a general lighting source provides the lighting industry with an interesting opportunity to radically change the lighting paradigm” says Bailey. “I am particularly excited with how lighting companies such as Deco Lighting have adapted to the new realities related to LED lighting and to the future technologies they have built into their product roadmap. I look forward to working with Ben [Pouladian] on becoming leaders in LED commercial lighting.”

Michael has mentored and tutored graduating industrial design students at the Universite de Montreal, and looks forward to bringing his teaching experience to the Deco Engineering team. “The group of engineers at Deco Lighting are young and enthusiastic,” Bailey says.

Ben Pouladian, Co-founder and President of Deco Lighting, is particularly pleased to welcome Michael Bailey to the team. “Deco is a hardcore technology company, which means that anyone leading a team of engineers must not only be an exceptional leader but an exceptional engineer in their own right.” Pouladian went on to say, "Michael demonstrated exactly that in his prior roles at Lumenpulse and Axis. I look forward to giving the team guidance and leadership in designing high quality LED lighting to be manufactured in Los Angeles.”

Bailey attended Carelton University in Ottawa, Canada earning a degree in industrial design. He has taught graduate Industrial Design students at the Universite de Montreal, and looks forward to bringing his teaching experience to the Deco Engineering team.


Jonathan Galos - Marketing - DECO Lighting