PureEdge Lighting presents tunable white LED technology

July 14, 2016
Practicality and Beauty Merge to Transform a Space with PureEdge Lighting'’s Newest Light Fixtures, Featuring Adjustable and Energy Efficient Lights

(CHICAGO, IL) - PureEdge Lighting is pleased to introduce a wide range of products, which utilize Tunable White LEDs. Tunable White is a groundbreaking technology that allows the freedom to choose light color, works with an astronomical clock and saves energy, which in turn can save money. Tunable White, which is available in standard LED light bulbs, allows the consumer to choose any color temperature between a very warm 2000K and a brighter, bluer 4000K. PureEdge Lighting is taking the technology and incorporating it into its integrated LED fixtures.

These beautiful new light fixtures impart a one-of-a-kind atmosphere while providing unique design possibilities. Products include Reveal and Reveal Wall Wash, which are plastered flush into ceilings and walls to accent the architecture of the space; the Verge and Verge Door Frame, which emit ambient lighting with a dramatic floating illumination of walls and door frames; and the Bardot Vanity and Audrey Vanity, which redefine bathrooms, while providing uniform tunable white light.

The benefits of this tunable white technology can be applied to the workplace. For office buildings with little to no natural light, the lights can be adjusted to any color temperature from 2000K to 4000K to suit the mood of the employees, independent of dimming. The icy and blue colors, at the top of the temperature spectrum, are meant to mimic daylight and, when utilized, have been shown to improve mood, making employees more efficient. The gains from increased productivity and energy savings are well worth the investment.

More information on Tunable White technology and design tips are available upon request as well as photos and pricing.

About PureEdge Lighting
PureEdge Lighting is a leading manufacturer of high quality, energy-efficient lighting solutions with an extensive product portfolio that combines superior craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics. PureEdge Lighting is renowned for creating lighting tools that meet the needs of specific projects and inspire unique lighting designs. Influenced by simplicity, elegance, and the principle that light affects human emotion, the innovations at PureEdge Lighting aim to redefine the relationship between lighting and interior design.


Maria Mianecki - for PureEdge Lighting