Street Lighting International offers customizable optics in street lighting products

Today, everyone is submerged by advertisements and announcements of street lights for outdoor use. Many manufacturers produce them and want to sell them, but when you want to go deeper into their characteristics, and to see if indeed they are suitable to operate in the worst weather conditions, then many of them magically disappear. It is difficult to find on the market products that can have an operating temperature ranging from -40°C to +60°C, and that can possess a degree of protection with IP67 rating. All the LEDs used have a working life of twenty (20) years, for a use of 12 hours per day. After 20 years, they still have an efficiency of 80%. The probability that only one LED is defective is 1 in 1 million.

So, the question that one may ask is whether it is difficult to get a similar result. No, it is quite simple. Keeping in mind that each component is part of a chain, and that every part of this chain must have the same characteristics of the other parts, LEDs must be able to operate at -40°C, just like the lenses, the connection cables, the power supply unit, the connectors, and all the other components. By working in this way, you can offer to all customers outdoor LED lamps capable of operating without problems in both Siberia and in the Sahara desert. If to all this we add that these lamps can be connected wirelessly to each other, that we can remotely increase or decrease their light intensity, that they can be provided with at least 30 different optics to solve virtually all challenges of illumination, then you will understand that we are delivering products a little out of the norm.


Milo Sefcek, President & CEO - Street Lighting International
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