Pole LED plans to display outdoor accent lighting products at LightFair

In their 2nd year of operations, POLE LED has confirmed they will be exhibiting at Lightfair in NYC. With over 400 people inside our booth last year alone, we can't wait to see the response this year, now that we have agents across North America selling the product. Last year, we were a virtual unknown, now we are lighting flags effectively and efficiently from below, but mounted to the pole in an incredible patented design, out of the Netherlands.

Pole LED all but eliminates the possibility of wear and tear due to the elements, as it is mounted ON the pole. It is easy to install and is one install, instead of traditional flag lighting it from 2 or 3 sides. It has proven to be effective in the North East with school boards and corporate America.

We are still seeking a few agents from across North America says Forrest Jones, Sales Manager for Canada and USA, check out the website to see if we're looking in your area. And, see you at Lightfair!


Forrest Jones - Pole LED
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