Solid Apollo LED receives Intertek certification on LED linear lighting

Solid Apollo LED has received Intertek (ETL) Certification for low voltage 24V LED Strip Lights, ranging from 5 different white colors, to color changing RGB strip lights, for both indoor and outdoor LED lighting.

The ETL certification means that after rigorous and extensive testing, each low voltage strip light meets all of the safety, quality and durability requirements for national standards in both the U.S. and Canada. Every 24V strip light from Solid Apollo with ETL certification is guaranteed to meet the standards set for design and operation of low voltage lighting, and the requirements for health and safety to ensure long lasting and resilient products. The LED Strip Light is perfect for lighting projects from as intricate as small shelves in a bookcase, to as large as a multi-level office building. “We at Solid Apollo LED are overjoyed with receiving full certification on our 24V LED Light Strips” stated Manuel Barquin, CEO of Solid Apollo LED. “The certification backs up our promise to bring safe, durable, vibrant LED lighting to any lighting project.”

The ETL certification brings added assurance to every lighting project, whether done by the do-it-yourselfer, or by an electrician or contractor. Even electrical, home and general inspectors will recognize the ETL certification and know that each Solid Apollo light strip installed will provide years of safe and reliable service. The ETL mark ensures that every strip light is ready as a permanent LED lighting solution, which is safe and fully tested for a variety of lighting projects ranging from indoor uses such as simple undercabinet lighting to full multi-room lighting and even closet and stair lighting. For outdoor lighting, the waterproof and UV durable strip lights are perfect for deck and patio lighting, or larger scale architectural lighting and pleasant landscape lighting. The certification even ensures that low voltage strip light used in retail and commercial lighting environments are not only bright and energy saving, but also safe to use around customers day in and day out without worry of danger.

The rigorous ETL certification process means that each strip light has been tested by a certified independent party and that each strip light meets all published standards. These standards comprise of standards set by UL, ANSI and NFPA. The standards of the UL, Underwriters Laboratories, ensure that Solid Apollo’s low voltage LED light strips meet all of the safety standards for operation and use in LED lighting projects. The standards set by ANSI, American National Standards Institute, help ensure that each strip light is made to stringent and repeatable designs, which ensures that every product the customer receives, has the same high quality whether purchased today or in the future, and that new strip lights added onto previous lighting installations will perform and function in the same way. The NFPA, National Fire Protection Association, is the leading authority on fire, electrical and building safety, and ensures that the low voltage LED strip light from Solid Apollo LED meets the National Electrical Code for safe electrical design and installation to protect people and property from electrical hazards both in public and private premises. These standards ensure that every 24V strip light, from candlelight warm white to pure white, and even the waterproof color changing light strips, can be used in buildings, structures, mobile homes, recreational vehicles, and floating buildings without worry.

Look to Solid Apollo LED’s low voltage 24V LED Strip Light with Intertek (ETL) certification for amazing controllable light that meets and exceeds the safety, quality, durability and health standards required for any lighting installation.

Solid Apollo strives to bring the latest premium LED lighting products to everyone at affordable prices, and backs up each of its products with a full warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee. Solid Apollo manufactures and distributes a wide range of indoor and outdoor LED lighting products and solutions and offers free shipping on orders over $150, and excellent customer service and technical advice.


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