Adatech launches smart outdoor LED lighting platform with Fara Vela luminaire

Adatech has launched its Fara Vela, an innovative and economic solution for outdoor LED lighting. Due to our patented technology we are able to customize the Fara Vela to get a completely individual product with optimized and homogeneous light distribution. Options such as HD camera, thermal and infrared imaging, radio frequency identification (RFID), motion sensor, Wi-Fi, and GSM server-receiver can all ne integrated into the luminaire - virtually all you see is the luminaire itself.

Fara Vela takes actions on its own. These actions can be any combination of lighting events, sounds, pre-recorded, dispatched emails, SMS messages and even phone calls.

Fara Vela is an innovative LED lighting based-smart platform. A solution that combines lighting, surveillance, and communication in one simple low-cost outdoor LED lighting product.

Fara Vela uses the latest LED technology and lens options to provide up to 70% energy savings; with a dimming option further savings can be achieved. The outdoor LED lighting product provides superior efficiency - up to 130 lm/W with power factor exceeding 0.95.

Fara Vela does not emit any UV light. It also offers superior color rendering index value of more than 80 CRI.

Fara Vela is engineered and tested to withstand:
Harsh environments, temperatures up to 85°C and up to 90% humidity with IP 67 sealed compartment
Voltage fluctuations between 90V-295V AC and frequency range of 47-63 Hz
The Fara Vela luminaire is backed with a 5 year warranty.

The outdoor LED lighting solution's patented frame is made from aluminum casting; it's rust free, light weight and sturdy. It has IK-10 rating for the frame and IK-08 rating for the glass cover.

Fara Vela components can be replaced and tilt angle can be adjusted with simple tools on site. The universal mast connector fits all pole types. The luminaire offers a wide range of power, lens and color temperature choices and optional applications.

With its unique features and options,


Mehmet Kemaloglu, Head of Global Sales and Marketing - Adatech
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