Israeli warehouse installs 110 OK LED HiCloud LED high bays for improved industrial lighting

HiCloud LED high bays, the right lighting solution for warehouses.

Choosing the correct light with full performance for illuminating a warehouse is big challenge in industrial lighting applications. Meanwhile, electricity fees keep increasing, every project is eager to have the ultimate energy saving luminaires. In order to meet customer demands, HiCloud LED high bays from OK LED Lighting were designed into the warehouse for Nazareth Ilite, Israel.

More than one hundred HiCloud LED high bays, featuring 100W and 50-degree beam angle, were installed in the warehouse application. The client was delighted by HiCloud's performance due to several reasons:

1. High lumen output - up to 130 lm/W. It produces more efficient light than traditional metal halide lights, and even much more than current COB-based high bays.
2. Provides 4000K soft light with CRI 83, which is able to illuminate with more accurate color of objects. What's more, good quality light helps to enable greater work efficiency.
3. Top high-end components - Nichia chips, Mean Well driver, well designed heat sink, perfect thermal management and 5 year full warranty convinces clients of the possibilities of zero-maintenance. It saves a lot, right?
4. All LED high bays are IP65 rated, double protection.
5. Hanging installation by using a wall mount rotatable ceiling bracket; each light's beam angle can be adjusted according to needs.

The result was promising, with plenty of inquiries coming in for industrial lighting, even retrofit lighting in high temperature environments.

OK LED Lighting is focused on innovative design in the industrial lighting area. With an experienced engineering team, offering market high performance products is our long term aim.


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