Syhdee improves LED tube performance with plastic body and thermal management innovation

Design for LED lamps is one innovative task. Most LED lighting engineers focus their design work on structure, function and material to improve LED products' artistic visibility as well as practical performance. Syhdee's new generation all plastic LED tube lamp exhibits innovation in materials to initiate green and safe lighting solutions.

All plastic LED tube with built-in aluminum and insulation sheet:
The aluminum plus plastic has been adopted in the LED tube lamp material with consideration to thermal management and light output. As electrical safety has become one sensitive issue, safety requirements for electronic products are being strictly carried out globally. Taking safety and eco-friendliness as the first consideration, Syhdee's 2nd generation plastic LED tube lamp adopts an all plastic body material. However, how to resolve the thermal management issue with plastic LED tube lamps is one technical difficulty. Syhdee's team has engineered an innovative thermal management design — built-in aluminum plus an insulation sheet — to perfect heat sink performance and furthermore guarantee electrical safety in lighting applications.

Highlights of Syhdee all plastic LED tube lamps
Besides innovation in tube light mechanical design, this new plastic LED tube has several strengths: luminous efficacy and beam angle. The highest luminous efficacy can reach up to 120 lm/w and beam angle ranges between 150°-170°. Thus high power and brightness makes it suitable for commercial lighting retrofits.

Currently the new plastic LED tube lamps have passed TUV, CE plus RoHS for European standards. To improve the lighting control functionality, this plastic LED tube shall further be developed with featuressuch as dimming and ballast compatibility.


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