EIC designs new LED lights with robust protection and thermal management for high mast and industrial applications

Forecast: after almost one year's hard work, EIC is going to release two newly designed LED lights for high mast lighting and industrial lighting, completely new thermal management design to back up max 500W LED lighting needs.

The LED lights are protected by Japanese provider Kansai’s heavy-duty anticorrosion solution which is branded as ALESCO. As EIC’s strategic partner, Kansai is providing all-weather and solid protection to ensure more than 20 years anticorrosion warranty.

An innovative, solid veined plate for thermal dissipation is applied to improve the heat dissipation greatly and break the bottleneck of the high power LED lights' application.

The LED lights are designed by a professional Korean team that refers to military standards and uses reinforcement technology applied on military products to greatly improve the durability and reliability.

The lens is professionally designed and made with imported optical materials to ensure high light transmittance and weather resistance. The lens can reduce light loss effectively to make all light usable.

The driver lightning surge protection is 10KV; the active power factor correction function is greater than 0.95; with a high-end imported integrated chip, working efficiency is up to 93%. Full protection functions (SCP, OTP, OVP and etc.) and various dimmable functions are available. The fixtures are provided with international safety certificates, IP67 rating, and more than 5 years' warranty.

The streamlined surface design reduces windage, and a self-cleaning surface avoids dust accumulation.

The fixture IP rating is IP66 waterproof and used in wet and harsh conditions.


EIC Electronic Co., Ltd.
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