Venture Lighting VLED retrofit lamps have A+ EU energy rating

March 18, 2015
Venture Lighting Europe is continuing its expansion into solid state lighting by introducing its VLED Professional retrofit lamp to the market. The new VLED retrofit lamps are an energy saving direct replacement for traditional lamps such as incandescent, fluorescent, HPS (high pressure sodium), MH (metal halide) and mercury lamps (soon to be banned in the EU). The range has been awarded an A+ EU energy rating and is available from 20W to 150W.

Producing high lumens per watt, as much as 110 lumens per watt, Venture’s new VLED retrofit lamps can enable huge energy savings -- for example a 35W VLED would easily replace an 80W mercury lamp.

The new Venture VLED retrofit lamps contain between 120 and 528 LEDs, depending on the size of the product, forming a cylinder perfect for 360 degree light projection for outdoor, weatherproof fittings such as lit bollards or globes, as well as indoor use. The lamp has been integrated with a high-power factor driver meaning that no control gear is necessary and can be retrofitted to existing fixtures. The lamp has also been manufactured with ‘active cooling solution’ to ensure maximum LED efficacy and life.

The VLED Professional retrofit lamps are excellent for reproducing the colour of objects as would be seen under natural daylight with a colour rendering index (CRI) of over 80 and colour temperature options of 5000K and 6000K. The retrofit lamps are available in various wattages and are competitively priced to ensure a fast return on investment which can be in just months.


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