ProSource® 7.0 expands light source modeling capabilities

Feb. 22, 2006
Date Announced: 22 Feb 2006 The newest release of ProSource from Radiant Imaging extends the utility of the company’s Radiant Source® Models, which are the most accurate method of modeling the near-field output of real light sources for use with optical and illumination design software. ProSource 7.0 enables precise determination of light source color characteristics in the calibrated CIE color space by incorporating tristimulus value information into Radiant Source Models. User interaction with these models has also been improved; simply placing the cursor over any point in a displayed source image yields luminance, color coordinates (CIE xy or CIE u´v´), tristimulus values, or correlated color temperature (CCT) at that location. In addition, the user can interactively define a polygon shaped area within any source image and perform various luminance and color calculations within that sub-region. ProSource 7.0 also features expanded compatibility with other illumination and optical design software packages with support for Type-C IES (Illumination Engineering Society) files. In addition, the program can now generate a wider variety of ray sets than previously possible, and the ability to export these into the native file formats of various popular illumination design programs has been expanded. These newly extended capabilities will make ProSource 7.0 and Radiant Source Models of even greater use to a wide range of illumination system designers and light source manufacturers.Radiant Imaging, Inc., founded in 1992, is the worldwide leader in imaging systems for light and color measurement, and illumination engineering tools and services. Radiant Imaging’s technologies are focused on providing lighting and display system manufacturers with enhanced design capabilities, greater product development efficiency, improved manufacturing productivity and increased competitive effectiveness in the world marketplace. Radiant Imaging’s three major product areas are the ProMetric® light and color measurement systems, Radiant Sources® light source characterization systems and source data, and Application Engineering Services to support development of application-specific solutions incorporating ProMetric® technology. Company Contact:

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