iLight Technologies launches RGB and improved white Plexineon

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CHICAGO – May 30, 2006 – iLight Technologies, Inc. (, a leader and innovator in the LED lighting industry, has revealed the next winning combination in accent lighting, the Plexineon RGB Series at Lightfair International in Las Vegas, NV. The Plexineon RGB Series offers a full spectrum of intense, color changing technology, designed in a sleek, low profile, specialty-grade luminaire.

iLight’s exciting new linear LED luminaire, with a full spectrum of 16.7 million colors, is compatible with any DMX 512 controller. The slender, low profile Plexineon RGB Series combines smooth, even, and intense light output with the advantages of an exterior specialty-grade extrusion, offering designers an enormous amount of opportunities for interior or exterior lighting applications.

“Our clients and partners have been asking us to create a full spectrum color changing product with our discrete profile for some time,” states iLight’s Vice President of Sales, John Wagner. “To date, there are no other direct view RGB solutions on the market. And because our product is compatible with any DMX 512 controller, designers have greater flexibility with our open RGB lighting system, allowing them full color changing control.”

For ease of use, the RGB product is offered with the iPACT (iLight pre-programming, addressing, controlling, troubleshooting) handheld device which allows users one compact and user friendly way to complete multiple control functions. Due to its durable construction, ease of installation, and energy efficiencies, the Plexineon RGB Series, as with all Plexineon products, appeals to architectural, entertainment, hospitality, commercial, and residential applications. The product will be available for shipment this summer.


iLight Technologies, Inc. has revealed the next advancement in white LED lighting: the Plexineon White 2X Series.

This second generation of white light developed by iLight is offered in three Kelvin color temperatures, produces high efficiency white light, and stable and consistent color temperature. Most importantly, Plexineon White 2X has longer lifetimes than other white products on the market due to its unique construction, and is almost twice as bright as the original white series making it perfect for low light level (<20FC) applications.

“Now White 2X can be used not only for interior and exterior accent lighting,” states iLight’s Chairman of the Board, Mark Cleaver, “but also low light level applications such as coves, sconces, curtain wall mullions, steps and stairs, handrails, bollards and more.”

iLight Technologies has overcome the many issues with producing useful white light that standard industry methods, white LEDs (blue with phosphor) and RGB approaches, still face.

White 2X is produced using a patented process which uses standard high intensity blue LEDs and a proprietary diffusing technology which avoids the phosphor degradation issues of standard white LEDs as well as the individual LED degradation issues of the RGB approach. The simplicity of the process results in a robust, cost effective and long-lasting white product.

“Color consistency issues continually plague white RGB applications, and phosphors on white LEDs degrade quickly changing color temperature and reducing light output. Our product introduces a whole new direction in white light capabilities. We stay brighter, longer and at a more affordable price,” states Cleaver.

Due to its durable construction, ease of installation and energy efficiencies, the White 2X Series, as with all Plexineon products, appeals to architectural, entertainment, hospitality, commercial, residential and signage applications.

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