Artistic Licence plans four new product launches at PLASA 2006

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Artistic Licence is exhibiting at PLASA 2006 on stand G12 and will be launching four key new products, including the following:

Artistic Licence is pleased to announce the launch of a new technology in LED dimming and colour mixing. The exponential growth of the LED colour changing market in recent years has led Artistic to re-evaluate the dimming technology available to the market. True to form, Artistic Licence started with a blank sheet of paper and developed the technology from scratch. Our goals were to achieve the following:
1. An LED dimmer / colour mixer that would work from 15V to 48V with a variable number of LEDs and
no customer configuration.
2. To null out the voltage drop seen in the LED cable and so ensure perfect tracking of colour and intensity.
3. High efficiency and low heat generation.
4. A dimming curve that allows the LED intensity to fade perfectly from zero to full with none of the low level ‘switching’ effects seen in older technology.
5. The ability to control 1W and 3W Luxeon and Lamina LEDs without customer configuration.
6. An essentially DC drive to the cable to ensure that large installations do not produce radio frequency interference.
7. DMX512 and RDM interface as standard with full feedback of lamp sensors such as temperature and hours.
8. Short circuit proof and self protecting outputs.

We achieved our goals and the new range is called Candle-Power! Candle-Power is based on a modulation technique, invented by Artistic Licence, called Asymmetric Frequency Modulation AFM. AFM is an evolution of the frequency modulation technique pioneered by Artistic Licence and published to the public domain in 2002.

The Candle-Power range includes both end user products and OEM modules designed for integration into other manufacturers’ LED fixtures. The first end user product in the range is Candle-Power CP3-12. This is a DIN Rail mounted enclosure providing up to 12 channels or four RGB triplets. It can operate from 15V to 48V. Each of the 12 outputs can drive any number of high power LEDs in series from one to twelve. This provides a total load capability of 144 LEDs and the highest power density available.

Hi-Res Pixi-Web
Hi-Res Pixi-Web is a flexible and transparent light wall module - a web of colour changing pixels. It’s constructed from one-metre sections of nylon webbing with a pixel at each intersection. It’s light, it’s transparent and it’s flexible.
Each strap of the web attaches to the next using a quick connect buckle that makes Hi-Res a breeze to rig. The entire system is available with truss adapters for vertical rigging, elastic adapters for horizontal (ceiling] rigging and a modular cabling system. It rigs in any orientation with up to a 10 metre vertical drop. Non-illuminated web sections are available, allowing non-visible sections of set to be filled at even lower cost.

Each metre section of Hi-Res provides sixty four pixels on a 125mm pitch. A single small power controller drives up to 160 pixels or 2.5 square metres of web. Hi-Res can be driven by either DMX512 or Art-Net ethernet. Both protocols have the benefit of Remote Device Management, which allows remote start address selection.

Programming Hi-Res is a breeze when using a modern console or media server such as the Jands Vista or Artistic Licence Pixi-Stream. When Hi-Res is used with Pixi-Stream, real time, multi-source video can be combined with dynamic lighting effects to produce the perfect stage backdrop.

Hi-Res also connects directly to the standard Medium-Res Pixi-Web product. This allows light walls of varying resolution to be produced.

So why is Hi-Res innovative?
• Competitors have flexible light walls, competitors have transparent light walls, Hi-Res is the first transparent and flexible light wall.
• Hi-Res is modular, allowing hire companies to hold stock without committing to specific sizes (as is the case with star-cloths).
• Hi-Res is flexible, so it can hug the form of three dimensional objects.
• Hi-Res is transparent, so it can be used in front of the PA towers or other lighting effects.
• Hi-Res is lightweight, so it reduces truss loading.
• Hi-Res is low cost, so the lighting budget goes further.
• Hi-Res can be rigged at any angle so it works for back drops, ceilings, scrims or truss decoration.
• Hi-Res uses video based LED technology with ultra-high modulation frequency so it looks great on camera!

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