Syhdee Supplier Conference 2014 focuses on quality management and LED lighting development

Aug. 18, 2014
Mr. King Liu, Chairman of Syhdee Manufactory Co. Ltd. landed in Huizhou city yesterday for Syhdee Supplier Conference, which is intended to convene all suppliers to cooperate with each other and discuss LED lighting development.

"All the people invited here today -- It is a call-up marked with cooperation and discussion," said King, "What has happened over the half year -- Syhdee LED tube quality management has gone through downtrend because of materials supply problems-which is completely unacceptable. This is a meeting for all participants to think seriously over current conditions and make further discussion and cooperation."

Syhdee is in process of strict quality management this year. Materials suppliers have been one part to take control of product quality. This supplier conference provides a good chance for all partners to discuss present problems.

Syhdee LED tube problem nightmare began after several unqualified materials supply cases occurred frequently at the beginning of May this year, which has strongly impacted the following-ups; LED tube lights of which have been recalled for inspection and repair.

This supplier conference is focused on quality management. Relevant attendees of Syhdee made reports at this meeting to represent detailed requirements of materials supply towards all Syhdee suppliers.

Syhdee said it will integrate all its suppliers more tightly to form a strong LED lighting system. "One integral LED lighting safety system is the kernel to ensure quality. We have concentrated on LED tubes for almost five years. We shall not let down our customers, we should not and we must not."

It is hard to confirm whether LED lighting this year will go under development smoothly. However, it is good to say that Syhdee has gone further on this issue. Instead of problem underreporting, Syhdee is brave enough to stand out to clarify the current conditions and solve this problem instantly.



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