Mayyard's 10W LED bulb uses integrated proprietary light engine

1. Introduction
The luminous output of Mayyard's 10W LED bulb is about 1000 lm. And this LED bulb is a new type of energy-saving light which can replace traditional incandescent lights. Its housing is made of environmentally friendly materials without mercury and it does not produce electromagnetic radiation. It features: energy efficiency, environmental protection, easy installation with an innovative structure and beautiful appearance.

2. Application
Mainly used for home, office, shopping mall, buildings, channel, bar and other indoor lighting situations. It can replace traditional incandescent and fluorescent light sources.

3. Mayyard LED bulb features
* Long lifespan - No electrolytic capacitor. Lifespan is more than 35,000-50,000 Hrs.
* Its housing is made of environmentally friendly materials. Energy efficiency, environmental protection and low-energy.
* High luminous output - 1000lm
* High luminous efficiency: 70-100 lm/W.
* High PF: PF 0.9
* The products or components have passed CE-EMC, CE-LVD,SAA, C-TICK,FCC, etc. High quality & reasonable price.

4. 10W LED bulb assembly
* Bulb kits- Radiator, High thermal plastic
* Bulb holder: E27, nickel-plated aluminum.

5. LED light engine of Mayyard
* Light source: Integrated light engine of Mayyard
* Driver: Linear constant current driver
* PCB: Ceramic substrates
* PCB size: 37 mm x 1.5 mm.


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