TDE-lighttech releases tunable white LED module

March 24, 2014
The MTW4270 LED module is a high performance, tunable white LED module that changes colour temperature from neutral white to (very) warm white and gives the user the possibility to create a dynamic atmosphere. This linear LED module has a high colour quality, an excellent colour consistency throughout its lifespan and is characterised by its high energy efficient output levels with a luminous efficacy of up to 100 lm/W. It’s equipped with a regulated current source for constant light output when longer lengths are needed.

- Module length: 420mm (cuttable in 84mm sections)
- LEDs: 70
- Colour temperature: 2400K-4000K
- Lumen output: 600 lumen (2400K) / 850 lumen (4000K)
- Colour rendering: CRI 85+
- Beam angle 120°
- Consumption per module: 6 Watt per colour / 12 Watt total
- Consumption per meter: 14,3 Watt per colour / 28,6 Watt total
- Power supply: 24VDC

This versatile, multi-purpose LED module is the perfect choice for a wide range of retail, hospitality and architectural applications in which creating the right atmosphere is essential.

About TDE
TDE-lighttech is a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of LED lighting. Specialised in turning bold and cutting edge ideas into reality through custom made solutions, TDE-lighttech represents durable, reliable and innovative products. The company provides a full range of indoor lighting products serving the commercial, architectural and hospitality sector.


Stephan Krijn, Marketing & Communications - TDE-lighttech