Nexxus Lighting issued two LED lighting patents

LED lighting manufacturer Nexxus Lighting has been issued two new patents related to its LED lighting technology.

US patent number 7,229,027 is for a waterfall-producing device that incorporates a light chamber to house LED lights to illuminate the water stream coming from the waterfall.

The second patent, US patent number 7,244,037, is for a detachable LED pool light that builds upon prior Nexxus Lighting patented technology that provides for an LED lighting fixture to be installed into the wall of the pool without a niche, and features an underwater, watertight, connector that allows the light fixture to be connected or disconnected while the light is submerged in water with the power off. This new design provides an easier method for service and replacement of the pool light.

"Illuminated waterfalls are used in a number of applications including swimming pools, portable spas and fountains," stated Steve Faber, Nexxus Lighting's Director of Engineering.

"Incorporating LED lighting into these devices provides unique ways to produce water lighting effects that customers are looking for. The detachable pool light patent builds upon our niche-less pool lighting designs and provides an added disconnection service feature that no one else can offer."

Nexxus Lighting now holds 23 issued patents and through its research and development efforts is continually evaluating new intellectual property ideas that have the potential to be incorporated into advanced solid-state lighting fixtures and control systems.

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