Dimmable High Voltage Direct AC LED Driver - No Power Supply Needed!

LS9100X - High Voltage LED Driver
LS9100X - High Voltage LED Driver

Melville, NY - LSI/CSI (www.lsicsi.com) announces the availability of a powerful, all-inclusive new system level, High Voltage LED Dimmable Driver IC.  Designated LS9100X Archimedes Series, this high-performance, low-cost IC has a rugged design optimized for driving LED banks directly from the main utility line which eliminates the previously required, expensive and bulky AC-DC Power Supplies formerly used to drive LEDs.


The LS9100X has integrated a full bridge rectifier, current limiter source protection circuit, built-in thermal protection feature centrally located in the device that protects the IC from operating in atypical conditions, and a voltage shutdown circuit which safeguards the IC and the system’s LEDs from line voltage surges that can overstress the system, all on a single IC. By merging these features into an IC, the LS9100X enables luminary designers to make LED luminaries with designs that are unconstrained by the size and bulk of the previously required Power Supply.


The versatile LS9100X is parallelable allowing for the design of Light Engines and Fixtures with much higher luminosity.



• Integrated MOSFET Driver

• Vin up to 310 Vac

• 50mA DC Output Current

• Thermal Turndown Protections

• High Voltage Shutdown Protections

• Thermal Enhanced 8-Pin SOIC Heat Sink PAD


• LED Driver

• Current Source Limiter

• General Illumination

• Commercial and Industrial Lighting


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