Tvilight introduces SkyLite Prime, next-generation wireless streetlight controller

Tvilight SkyLite Prime
Tvilight SkyLite Prime

TVILIGHT, a market leader in intelligent street lighting control solutions, today announced the release of its next-generation smart city streetlight control device, SkyLite Prime.

SkyLite Prime represents the latest innovation in wireless connected lighting and comes with the following key advancements:

  • Standardized Zhaga interface for tool-free installation, rapid intelligent lighting network deployment, and brand independent luminaire compatibility
  • Powerful asset management and luminaire/grid health monitoring functionality through smart drivers
  • Motion sensor compatibility for human presence based light-on-demand
  • Smart City ready on account of open standards and open APIs enabling compatibility with major platforms 
  • Elegant design and a small form-factor to blend seamlessly into urban landscapes


Chintan Shah, CEO of Tvilight: “SkyLite Prime reflects our commitment to delivering solutions that simplify smart connected lighting installations. The plug-and-play architecture enables cities to effortlessly upgrade their streetlights with intelligence, thereby helping them to optimize operation & maintenance, slash energy waste and offer the possibility to create citywide event-based light scenarios.”

Standard Zhaga interface

SkyLite Prime complies with the smart outdoor connected lighting specifications of the Zhaga Consortium (Book 18). Adhering to a globally recognized standard promotes interoperability of smart LED lighting components, while also assuring cities and lighting OEM partners of a future-proof investment. The installation of SkyLite Prime is completed in seconds and does not require any tools: a simple twist-and-lock motion secures the device onto the luminaire.

Advance Luminaire health monitoring

When combined with upcoming smart drivers and the CityManager software, SkyLite Prime delivers powerful, actionable data about luminaire health and the electric grid. Empowered with these insights, cities, utilities and the system integrators can streamline citywide operations and maintenance of their street lighting infrastructure. SkyLite Prime will be compatible with the Zhaga standard supported by upcoming smart LED drivers such as Philips SR and OSRAM drivers with DEXAL™ technology.

Motion sensor compatible

SkyLite Prime offers a dedicated input to connect a select range of low voltage motion sensors. Once connected, SkyLite Prime delivers a true light-on-demand experience to citizens by automatically brightening the streetlights based on human presence detection.

First Step to Smart City

Chintan Shah: “When compared to a conventional LED streetlight renovation project, smart controls and software add no more than 10% to the overall budget, while delivers 50% more value. It is therefore a must have option when considering a streetlight upgrade project. Furthermore, SkyLite Prime builds upon the DigiHub platform. Thanks to the use of open API and open standards, SkyLite digitises the streetlight infrastructure and enables powerful interoperability with other Smart City platforms such as Cisco Kinetics. Thereby assuring readiness for various infrastructure interconnectivity.”

Elegant design

While aesthetically pleasing on its own, SkyLite Prime was designed to integrate with urban luminaires in a complementary and subtle manner.

Global launch and availability

SkyLite Prime will be available worldwide from the Tvilight network of business partners starting June 2018.

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