Oct. 6, 2017

October sees the launch of a new LED 25W universal mains dimmable driver from Fulham Europe, one of the leaders in electronic lighting components.

The new dimmable driver is expected to be very popular as it is designed to be compatible with most dimmers from a wide range of dimming controls manufacturers. 

The driver has been cleverly designed to auto-detect and work reliably with triac, leading edge and trailing edge dimmers, potentiometers and 0-10V dimming controls.  It is fully software controlled to analyse the behaviour of all dimmers and is able to dim as low as 12mA. The driver allows ultra-smooth dimming and linear dimming supporting Dim to Warm LEDs.

As part of the Fulham LumoSeries family of drivers, the new dimmable driver features the lowest inrush current in the industry meaning that more drivers and luminaires can be operated on a single circuit.

With very compact dimensions of just 110 x 52 x 23.5mm, the lightweight plastic cased LED dimmable driver features surge protection, and a low ripple design for flicker-free lighting.  It has a very wide output voltage and current, making it suitable for a wide range of LED luminaires and in applications from leisure and hospitality to retail and restaurant.  It is suitable for COB arrays through to LED strips.

Complying with all relevant EN certificates and standards, the new dimmable driver comes with a five year warranty so that the power supply matches the reliability of typical LED lifetimes of 50,000 hours.  Like other Fulham LumoSeries drivers, the new dimmable driver is engineered to exceptional standards of performance and reliability in LED systems.  Highest grade critical components together with design features for thermal management ensure excellent reliability.

An option is also available to programme the driver with a USB connected controller.  Fulham’s TPSB-100 SmartSet controller gives the user the ability to set the current for multiple drivers at the same time without using the driver dispatches.

Further information on Fulham’s new 25W universal mains dimmable driver is available on +31 72 572 3000 by emailing [email protected] or visiting the company’s website at www.fulham.com