OK LED's HiCloud 120W LED high bay light targets 400W MH replacement

OK LED Lighting Limited introduces its HiCloud 120W LED high bay light with innovative design, excellent thermal management, high efficacy of 115lm/W. HiCloud 120W can replace 400W metal halide in various applications.

How does 120W HiCloud LED replace 400W metal halide and why?

1) A typical 400W MH lamp delivers around 27,639 lm, while the MH throws light in all directions; only 60% of light will be considered as useful light.

LED is directional, all the light will be output forward to the target area, with little or no loss of light, 120W HiCloud LED high bay delivers above 13800 lm.

2) MH is very bright at first, but 30% light decay may happen after several thousand hours. While HiCloud LED high bay light decay is less than 3% in 6000 hours.

3) A good MH may last several thousands to 10,000 hours, while LED has long lifespan of 50,000 hours. The maintenance cost for replacing the MH bulb is huge.

Now HiCloud series is available in 100W, 120W, 150W, and 200W.

For more information about OK LED lighting solutions including IES files, Dialux simulation reports and technical datasheets, please visit www.okled.com


OK LED Lighting Limited - Susan Qiao

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