LED Lighting Inc. debuts LED tape light channel with premium frosted lens to eliminate hot spots

LED Lighting Inc., a primary resource for custom illumination solutions, launches a new channel with a premium-frosted lens for LED tape light 8-10MM wide. The new channel is constructed from high quality aluminum with a matte lens designed to conceal LED diodes and protect LED tape light.

“Our premium lens helps to evenly distribute light and eliminate hotspots, which is crucial when installing lights above reflective surfaces such as granite or glass shelving,” says LED Lighting Inc.’s CEO, William (Bill) Hood.

The premium-frosted lens is specially designed to camouflage diodes in interior applications (IP20 rating) such as: under cabinet lighting, stairs, glass-cases and to also highlight architectural features

LED Lighting Inc. offers two standard lengths, 39-inches and 78-inches, but also offers custom sizing in order to meet specific applications.

LED Lighting Inc.’s premium channel can mount to most hard surfaces with doubled-sided adhesive tape or steel mounting brackets. Mounting brackets guarantee easy and secure installation and can also work as a connector between two channels. Polypropylene ends caps are included in order to protect the channel from dust and other undesirable elements.

LED Lighting Inc. continues to relentlessly expand and position itself as one of the only Custom Illumination Solution specialists in the marketplace, since 2004. As an innovator of LED lighting and technology, LED Lighting Inc. recognizes its uniqueness with providing custom applications and meeting detailed specifications. LED Lighting Inc. products are thoroughly tested and backed with strong warranties. For more information visit http://www.ledlightinginc.com.


Samantha Raines, Marketing Coordinator - LED Lighting Inc.

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