Yaham's LED high bay luminaires light up auto industry

As a professional industrial lighting manufacturer, Yaham has designed and sold LED high bayfixtures for over 10 years. From the classical LED high bay to the new compact high bay, each generation is developed to meet more customers’ requirements and lighting applications. Especially in the auto industry, Yaham’s LED high bay lights are widely used all over the world and have won great praise from users.

In Qingdao FAW workshop, there are more than 4370 LED high bay fixtures provided by Yaham Lighting, and almost no quality problems since the project finished in 2012.

In Chuangchun FAW, 3000 units of Yaham's classical LED high bay light up the whole factory.

In Spanish Das Auto workshop, Yaham’s 120W LED high bays replaced traditional 400W HID lamps, improved the intensity of illumination, and saved more energy.

Yaham’s LED high bay light is not only used in workshops, it has been used in automobile exhibition halls like the Porsche showroom in New Zealand.

Last year, the Mercedes-Benz Exhibition Hall in Belgium was also illuminated with Yaham’s LED high bay lights. And the user is satisfied with their excellent lighting effects.

Now Yaham extends its LED high bay to more applications.

The Compact I series with Inventive Patent and Design Patent sold very well in the last year, and have received a high evaluation from oversea customers. The Compact II series with 130 lm/W ultra-high luminous efficiency attracts a lot of attention. Our Linear series achieves accurate long and narrow light distribution to provide a new solution for warehouse aisle lighting.

Yaham always tries hard to realize the goal of being an excellent industrial lighting manufacturer and meeting the needs of more lighting applications.


Yaham Lighting
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