Sansi unveils intelligent LED street light

Aug. 12, 2015
The China International Information Consumption Expo was held in Shanghai July 15-17, 2015, which serves as an important part of the Shanghai International Information Festival. Shanghai Sansi presented ts premier LED products at the exhibition, among which Sansi's intelligent LED street light was unveiled and greeted with high expectations.
The comprehensive system of Sansi's intelligent LED street light was researched and developed in-house, which includes communication interfaces, software & hardware equipment, etc. The concept of bringing convenience to people’s daily lives with the highly-integrated intelligent system is expected to create big changes.

The application of high technologies like Internet Plus, cloud computing, and Big Data allows effective data communications between each functional module of Sansi's intelligent LED street light, which allows the realization of functions like real-time monitoring, information gathering and distribution, energy efficiency lighting, emergency calls, etc. Sansi's intelligent LED street light was undoubtedly one of the featured products at the Expo.

With the help of Sansi's intelligent LED street light, you can learn about the real-time environmental conditions on the high resolution Sansi LED display -- info including Precipitation Index, Noise Figure, Particulate Matter, etc, which are sensed and collected by the intelligent LED street light; you can receive instant warnings released by the street light when the road near you is experiencing a bad transportation situation; you can call to get help by sending a radio-frequency signal to the intelligent LED street light when you have a sudden illness. The availability of a charging station provided by Sansi's intelligent LED street light system will contribute to the popularization of electric vehicles.

Sansi is pursuing an “Internet Plus” action plan that seeks to optimize and better serve clients by the integration of Internet technologies with its LED lights, the concept of which is a great match with that of the China International Information Consumption Expo. And that’s why Sansi decided to launch its intelligent LED street light at the CIIC Expo.

Besides the street light, a 3D small-pitch LED display is another eye-catching product presented by Sansi at the CIIC Expo. If you missed the Expo, please come visit us at Sansi!


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