Syhdee releases LED tubes for supermarket cooler applications

Commercial lighting retrofits have penetrated into many applications today. Spotlights, downlights, and tube lights have been equipped with LED light sources, which save a lot on commercial energy costs. One special lighting area in the commercial supermarket application arouses great interest for us: Cooler, freezer, and refrigerator display case lighting.

LED tubes as cooler light replacements for existing fluorescent lights is one promising commercial lighting retrofit project. Coolers, refrigerators, and freezers dominate a great portion of mega chain stores and supermarkets. Different from general lighting, cooler lights operate under very low temperatures and intense humidity, which requires high standards on the LED driver and light source.

Highlights of Syhdee's LED tubes for cooler doors:
Syhdee’s first generation LED tubes for coolers are characterized by a unique appearance, high efficacy, and wide beam angle.

Structurally, these LED tubes are made from an all plastic body material with striped or clear cover. Ingress protection can reach up to IP65. The light transmittance rate of the lenses is up to 0.93. Moreover, the LED tubes for coolers adopt a built-in V-shape design, which avoids light loss and glare when lighting.

Luminous efficacy:
To achieve excellent optical performance, Syhdee’s first generation LED tubes for coolers use reflective sheets to improve luminous efficacy. Currently, the maximum luminous efficacy can reach up to 125 lm/W.

Beam angle:
Because of the specialty lighting application area, cooler lights are installed on the side bars of cooler, refrigerator, and freezer display cases. The beam angle design is one key point to realize uniform light distribution. For general lighting, 120°-160° beam angle is enough to achieve adequate light distribution. For the LED tubes in cooler applications, we engineered a 220° beam angle to meet luminous output needs.

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