OK LED releases HiRack warehouse aisle LED light model with additional beam angles

Recently, two new beam angle options (60x90°/120°) were developed for OK LED's HiRack warehouse aisle LED light. Previously the HiRack standard beam angle was 30x70°.

30x70° is suitable for warehouse with high rack application. 120° is more suitable for open area applications, while 60x90° is suitable for rectangular area applications and where concentrated light is needed. We have tested 1pc 90W HiRack LED lighti with 60x90° beam angle in part of our factory. It delivers 1962 lux at around 2.5m installation height from the working plane. It is very bright and makes people feel comfortable for precise working areas.

The warehouse aisle LED light has advantages over traditional LED high bay lights in warehouse applications. Common high bays are not very suitable for these kinds of applications as their lighting pattern is round. The new HiRack high efficiency light is designed for rack applications. With an elongated beam angle specifically engineered for high racking applications, ensuring the light is projected in between the racks and not on top of them.

Following is comment from one of our clients after testing a 150W HiRack warehouse aisle LED light sample:

"Thank you for the samples; we have checked heat dissipation and beam angle. What was the test casing temperature on your testing exercise and what are the parameters of tolerance? It is a very nice product; once we have set up in the actual application we will have a good idea to make a final decision."

More information about OK LED's HiRack series visit: http://www.okled.com/hirack-led-warehouse-aisle-light/

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