ERCO Starpoint recessed luminaires Compact powerhouse – filigree and efficient

Which parameters decide whether a room has a cosy feel? An interior concept geared to its use and architecture contributes as much to this perception as does a sophisticated lighting concept. The right ambience with easy orientation is created using a combination of soft floodlighting and varied accent lighting that emphasises objects. To this end, ERCO has now developed a versatile lighting tool – the economical ERCO Starpoint recessed luminaire with diverse applications for restaurants, offices and homes. With a complex yet compact lens system – a key ERCO innovation in 2015 and specially developed for LED technology – the Starpoint powerhouse in its understated style stands out as a versatile lighting tool. Despite its small dimensions, this luminaire range produces exceptionally brilliant and uniform light for accentuation, washlighting and ambient lighting.

A valuable art print on the wall, the Bauhaus vase on the shelf, or the desk in the corner – it is the individual room design with colours, materials and textures that gives a home its particular character. Fitting out a room so that guests feel at home and find their bearings easily is also one of the main challenges facing hotels. The new Starpoint recessed spotlights and floodlights and recessed luminaires offer a high-quality and cost-efficient solution – especially for rooms with low ceiling heights. The luminaires are designed to be as small as possible – meaning that diameters range from only 7cm to 11.3cm with a recess depth between 7cm and 10cm. In addition, the lighting tools are available with different distributions for varying lighting tasks, all with excellent energy efficiency.

Wide diversity of lighting design options
ERCO offers Starpoint as a recessed spotlight or floodlight or as a downlight. The luminaire is ideally suited for rooms with ceiling heights of up to 3m. With narrow spot characteristic, Starpoint directs the light precisely onto small objects deserving of particular attention. Large pictures or furniture are accentuated using the spot characteristic. In flood version, the luminaire produces ambient lighting over a large area with a soft, uniform beam. The oval flood lens in Starpoint can be rotated freely for optimum positioning of lighting on different objects such as long shelves or tables, large sanitary facilities in hotels and special architectural features.

Discreet powerhouse
A characteristic feature of Starpoint is its minimal dimensions, which allow for a small recess depth. And yet the luminaire emits exceptionally precise and brilliant light as a result of the integrated lens system, which ERCO developed specially for LED technology. It combines a collimator designed to focus the light with a Spherolit lens to direct the light, resulting in a compact yet highly complex lens for efficient light guidance. Depending on the characteristic needed, the light of the efficient LED module is directed by the lens precisely where it is needed, thereby defining the character of the room atmosphere – in the home as in restaurants and hotels, but also in offices and boutiques. The luminaire is available with both flush or covered mounting details.

The Starpoint range further includes pendant, wall-mounted and surface-mounted luminaires. For relevant press information please contact Arno Heitland or Nina Reetzke

Technical features of Starpoint

ERCO lens system: Spherolit lens, collimating lens made of optical polymer
Light distributions: Narrow spot, spot, flood, Wide flood, Oval flood,
Extra wide flood
ERCO LED module: High-power LED on metal core PCB,
light colours: warm white or neutral white, 3000 or 4000K
Control gear: Switchable or DALI dimmable
Housing: Luminaire: cast aluminium, mounting ring: plastic


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