Market report - projection market reinvigorated by new LED and laser sources

Date Announced: 09 Feb 2006

Norwalk, CT. Insight Media, a leading market research firm covering display technology and markets, has released three new reports covering the use of arc lamps, LEDs and lasers in projection systems.

LEDs will arrive in rear-projection TV sets this year, with lasers coming perhaps two years after that. The rapid maturity of these solid-state illumination sources could revitalize the projection industry, especially the rear-projection TV segment.

The three new reports, updated following developments at CES, include:

Laser Projection Report - with market segment analysis
LED Projection Report - with market segment analysis
Projection Lamp Report - with lamp replacement model

"LED and laser display systems created quite a stir at CES," noted Insight Media President, Chris Chinnock. "This is why we gave out 'Best Buzz' awards to important new device developers and RPTV system integrators. Many TV product planners will now be wondering if an LED or laser-based RPTV should be part of their product line up. These newly released reports address exactly this concern."

The Laser and LED reports provide detailed information about LED and laser device technology, cost, performance, and collection efficiency. Optical modeling of illumination stage architectures and colorimetry are used to understand how much LED or laser light can be generated using various projection systems. This allows for comparison to arc-lamp based systems. All parameters are forecasted through 2010.

In addition, seven market segments are analyzed to understand how, when and why LED or laser projection systems will penetrate each segment. Segments analyzed include:

Rear Projection TV
Consumer Front Projection
Pocket Projectors
Integrated Systems (projectors in cell phones, PDAs, etc.)
Head Up Displays
Digital Cinema

The Projection Lamp report provides detailed analysis of the supply and demand for UHP-type lamps for projection as well as top-level analysis of the penetration of other lamp technologies like Xenon, LED and laser. Pricing and trend analysis, plus profiles on 18 key industry players are included too.

A major new component to this report is the addition of a sophisticated lamp replacement model. For this, the projection industry is divided into 18 different user groups with attributes for lamp, product and use assigned to each group. This bottom-up approach is used to better understand the significant demands for replacement lamps.

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