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powerXED provides maximum luminous power from 0.2 cm3

Considerably smaller than any of the known 3W high-power diodes, powerXED by LEXEDIS demonstrates the superiority of the new XED technology.

With its integrated miniature glass lens offering two beam angles, an entirely inorganic body and a thin phosphor coating, powerXED is extremely reliable and versatile.

The world’s smallest 3W high-power diode – with dimensions of only 6.5 x 6.5 x 5 mm (see photo) – boasts an impressive performance: excellent white light with a luminous flux of 60 lm at 700 mA.

An integrated miniature glass lens offers two different beam characteristics of 40° and 60° diffuse spot.

With patented, accurately adjustable colour conversion, a colour rendition index of > 80 and excellent colour stability, the unmistakable powerXED is predestined for versatile uses in:

- industrial lighting, signage backlighting, LCD backlighting, reading lamps, forehead lamps, emergency lighting, flash for digital cameras, decorative lighting, display window lighting, medical lighting e.g. in endoscopes, accent lighting, automotive industry.

This high-efficiency digital light source has a completely inorganic body, which not only achieves good resistance to external influences but also guarantees a long service life with no maintenance.

In conjunction with the electrical contact manufactured using flip-chip technology, the reflector made of high-quality ceramic material supports optimum thermo-management of 9 K/W. Key benefit: high lamp densities can be realised simply and conveniently using a standard SMD machine and subsequent re-flow process.

miniXED - light in miniature

With a power input of no more than 2W, the miniXED high-efficiency digital light source by LEXEDIS generates a light output of 35 lumen from just 0.01 cm3. That is ten times more than a conventional LED. The high-power diode also achieves excellent thermo-management and stability, ideal for high lamp densities.

Small but mighty – this is the only way to describe miniXED, the new high-efficiency digital light source by LEXEDIS. With dimensions of just 3.4 x 2.8 x 1.15 mm, miniXED is comparable with a standard SMD light-emitting diode but far superior in terms of luminous efficiency.

With a power input of only 2W at 500mA, it generates a light output of 35 lumens - ten times more than a conventional LED. The exceptional brilliance of its white light is absolutely unique in quality and intensity.

These specifications are only possible as a result of patented, accurately adjustable colour conversion and excellent colour stability within a small tolerance range.

In view of its other outstanding qualities, such as a colour rendition index of > 80 and distribution characteristics of 120° (diffuse spot), mini XED sets entirely new standards.

This small, high-power diode is suitable for a wide range of applications: Industrial lighting, Backlighting for keyboards, displays and switches, LCD backlighting, Signage backlighting, Reading lights, Forehead lamps, Emergency lighting, Flash for digital cameras, mobile telephones, Decorative lighting, Accent lighting, e.g. in shop windows, spotlights, Medical lighting, e.g. in endoscopes.

MiniXED complies with the RoHS standard for reducing environmental toxins and is a completely lead-free product. Only high-quality ceramics with silicon bonding are used in manufacturing. An excellent thermomanagement of 10K/W is achieved using flip-chip technology. This assists miniaturisation and improves reliability and service life. High lamp densities can be realised easily and conveniently using a standard SMD machine and subsequent re-flow process.

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