Permlight launches high output warm white recessed LED down light

Date Announced: 26 May 2006

Permlight Launches High Output Warm White Recessed LED Down Light in Compliance With California Title 24

* ENBC6F Series boasts warm white LED technology >40 lm/W
* New series works with off-the-shelf line voltage dimmers
* Product line to be showcased at LightFair in Las Vegas
* Product meets and exceeds Title 22 Environmental requirements

TUSTIN, Calif., May 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Permlight Products announced today the introduction of a new line of Enbryten Down recessed down lights for use in residential and commercial building applications.

The ENBC6F series complements the company's recessed and adjustable downlight by offering a line of recessed fixed position downlights designed to replace 65-75Watt incandescent and 26Watt compact fluorescent recessed can trims.

The ENBC6F consumes only 15Watts making it 1/5th the power of comparable incandescent and 1/2 the power of state and Federally mandated high efficacy 26 watt fluorescent recessed cans. The production product will sell for $65-75 depending on volume requirements.

"Our new recessed down light is the future of lighting created and produced in volume today," commented Manuel Lynch, President and CEO of Permlight Products. "People have been claiming that timeframe for LEDs to replace general lighting is 2-5 years from now -- we are confident that once again we have disrupted this theory with the mass introduction of our new product.

"We can confidently state that at least 50% of the top home builders in the USA will be using these products in new homes as the primary light source by the end of 2006."

The new ENBC6F Series features warm white (2750K) LED from Nichia of Japan and boast a lifetime of 15-20 years in normal home environments. The UL Classified product is the only recessed can product that is classified for use with multiple insulation contact (IC) and air tight (AT) recessed cans for new and retrofit construction.

The product also features patented and patent pending technologies which allows the product to be dimmed with off-the-shelf phase control line voltage dimmers.

"New legislation is encouraging home builders to use dimmers," commented Mr. Lynch. "We have a distinct advantage over any other technology on the market with our innovative drivers that work with any off-the-shelf dimmers. LEDs are also the only technology whose efficacy increases as the lights dim -- lifetime also rises dramatically."

Permlight's new ENBC6F also complies with California Title 22 which makes disposal of mercury (fluorescent) illegal to home owners. The Enbryten 6" recessed trim contains no hazardous materials and features the same construction as Permlight's award winning Green Building product of the year.

"New home builders, kitchen and bath designers, and home owners are happy they have an alternative to fluorescent, that dims, comes in warm white and is both environmentally and biologically safe," commented Stephanie Moon, Permlight's Residential Sales Manager.

"Mercury laden fluorescent is causing tremendous concerns to everyone as new reports show a connection of heavy metals like mercury to autism and Alzheimer's. Permlight's LED products eliminate this fear."

Permlight also announced that the product will be extensively showcased jointly with Progress Lighting, a division of Hubbell Lighting, at the upcoming LightFair tradeshow in Las Vegas.

The company stated that volume UL classified production will be available for large scale home use by the end of June 2006.

About Permlight

Permlight Products is a leading developer and manufacturer of thermally managed LED lighting systems for Signage (LED channel letters), Residential LED lighting under the ENBRYTEN brand name (including recessed cans, under cabinet, and LED glass pendants), marina applications (docks/slips), and Theater and Performing Arts Center lighting. Founded in 1995, Permlight has the longest track record of supplying LED lighting systems that provide high brightness, low energy, long lifetime, and low maintenance. Using its enabling patented thermal management techniques for spreading and dissipating heat Permlight is well known for providing low cost solid state lighting systems. Permlight is an affiliate member of the California Lighting Technology Center at UC Davis which is funded by the California Energy Commission.

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