SphereOptics introduces LCS Series LED characterization systems

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11221 0 main Date Announced: 18 Jan 2006

SphereOptics LCS Series LED Characterization Systems are designed with measurement accuracy, flexibility, and ease-of-use in mind. The LCS-100 base station is the foundation of the LED measurement solutions product line. At the heart of the test station is a fast scanning, 16 bit, 2048-element CCD spectrometer configured to cover either the 350 to 1050 wavelength range or the 280 to 800 nm range.

~ Fast scanning CCD Spectrometer technology
~ Achieves 24 to 180 spectral scans per second
~ Spectral Resolution of 1.5 nm
~ Wavelength Accuracy < 0.5%
~ Calibrated neutral density filters to regulate dynamic range
~ Built-in self calibration function
~ USB 2.0 computer connection
~ Meets design requirements of CIE 127 for LED measurement

Simply by adding any of our LCS series integrating spheres, ILEDA or ILEDB adapters, power supply, or our goniometer module you can achieve any geometry required for measuring the critical optical, spectral, color, and purity characteristics of LEDs, lamps, and large light sources. The systems meet the design requirement of CIE 127 for LED measurement.

~ Total Luminous Flux
~ Total Spectral Flux
~ Averaged Luminous Intensity
~ Averaged Spectral Radiant Intensity
~ Dominant Wavelength
~ Peak Wavelength
~ Center Wavelength
~ Centroid Wavelength
~ FWHM Full Width/Half Max
~ Spectral Purity
~ Correlated Color Temperature
~ Color Rendering Index (CRI)
~ Chromaticity Coordinates
~ L-I-V Characterization Curves

The system’s Windows XP-compatible software is intuitive and guides the user through all measurement procedures. The software includes automatic routines to simplify measurements and ensure accuracy for each measurement. Results can be downloaded to database programs such as MS Excel, Word or Access.

~ Convenient, menu driven operation
~ Displays current and voltagesettings on screen
~ Calculates and displays center wavelength, FWHM, Centroid, and Purity
~ Displays LED, lamp standard and auxiliary lamp parameters
~ Easily enter LED and lamp information for test identification
~ Print function automatically generates data and test reports
~ Export data easily for QC and statistical analysis
~ Tracks calibration lamp hours

East Coast Sales: Justin Jacobs, +1 603 746.2000 West Coast Sales: Chris Durell Western Europe: Nadine Cariou Eastern Europe: Wolfgang Boehme Asia/Pacific Rim: Chris Durell


Web Site:http://www.sphereoptics.com

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