Ketra’s Vibrancy Transforms Artwork

Today’s LED lights offer more than illumination. Ketra, the smart lighting system known for its Natural Light, also offers an innovative Vibrancy feature, which is transforming artwork in dramatic ways.

What is Vibrancy? In simple terms, it is similar to applying a “photo filter in real life” to artwork and finishes of interior furnishings. Colors are dramatically enhanced in front of one’s eyes. Technically speaking, Vibrancy is Ketra’s unique ability to tune the individual colors that make white light at a given white correlated color temperature (CCT). By tuning the spectral power distribution of the white light at a given white CCT, you're tuning it such that it reflects differently off of objects.

Vibrancy was recently demonstrated at a pop-up installation of artwork by Brooklyn-based artist, Sebastian Vallejo. Sebastian’s contemporary works were installed under Ketra lights, to demonstrate how Vibrancy allows works to be appreciated at their full capacity. The paintings were first shown under standard art lighting at 3,000 Kelvin under a high color rendering index. Then, by adjusting the Vibrancy control from 0-100%, the recipe of white light within that fixed 3,000 Kelvin revealed previously hidden color nuances in the artwork, dialing up the overall design quotient of the space. The result was transformative. By adjusting the Vibrancy level, colors and details were rendered brilliantly, transforming the way people perceived the detailed characteristics of the art.

“Color and light are very important in work,” notes Sebastian Vallejo. “It’s every artists’ dream to see their art in a prime environment. With Ketra light, the experience is real.”

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Sebastian Vallejo

“Nenufares / Water Lilies (after Claude Monet)”, 2016

Left: Artwork in default lighting, Right: Artwork illuminated by Ketra Vibrancy


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