Macroblock provides LED drivers for China 60th National Day

Nov. 11, 2009
Date Announced: 11 Nov 2009 China 60th National Day has just come to a spectacular end. The Tiananmen Square in Beijing was beautified by a lot of LED displays with abundant color and uniform brightness expressing the congratulations to the National Birthday. Some of these LED displays were provided by Beijing Leyard Co. with the giant LED displays in the Tiananmen Square, and GULX Tech Co. with the dramatic “Light Cube”. These masterpieces with world-class LED display technology represent well the national image. Macroblock also shines in the ceremony with constant-current LED drivers adopted in these LED displays.Leyard Wins Government Contracts for its Recognized International Quality LED Displays to Celebrate China’s 60th National DayBejing Leyard Co. again won the government contracts on several giant LED display projects at China’s 60th National Day for its recognized international quality LED displays. The Chairman of Leyard, Li Jun, remarked, “China’s 60th anniversary is a significant national event to demonstrate China government’s outstanding achievements over the past 60 years. World-class technology and quality are what the government is asking for. Leyard is honored to be recognized for its high-quality LED displays to represent the national quality at the glorious 60th anniversary. "To assure smooth and delicate images displayed on the screens, we have strict requirements on LED driver quality. I was really thrilled when Leyard’s LED displays were live broadcasting the dazzling and delicate images to audiences at the celebration. Leyard proved again their dedicated efforts on LED display technology development worthwhile.”Leyard’s several giant LED displays are installed in the Tiananmen Square, such as two LED displays at the east side and west side of Tiananmen Square with total area of 736 square meters to smoothly broadcast all the celebration activities with high-definition images, highly appreciated by audiences. The total length of the People’s Heroes Monument giant banner is 50 meters, rolling with encouraging slogans and splendid pictures to cheer the 60th birthday of the PRC.In the cheering civilian parade, Beijing’s parade float, Hunan’s parade float, and the Ministry of Industry’s parade float were also installed with Leyard’s outdoor LED displays to display the outstanding achievements of the government over the past 60 years.The China government has successfully conveyed its national image through Leyard’s dazzling LED displays accompanying with roaring applauses at the 60th National Day celebration. GLUX Presents the Creative “Light Cube” with High Quality LED Light Trees Another stunning look of the ceremony was “Light Cube”, an LED display with 4,028 LED light trees composed of almost 2 millions LEDs, which is created by GLUX Tech Co. Ltd. This Light Cube presented a 9,000m2 multi-dimension video if viewed from a distance which was managed accurately by GLUX LED controllers and then performed by actors. “Any single error of LED is not allowed in the performance which required professionalism and high quality. Therefore, this display should be matched up with qualified LED drivers. ” said Mr. Bai Ming, the general manager of GLUX. “ I am glad that “Light Cube” has successfully combined technology and human creativity and performed this uniform exhibition with brilliant results. ” Bai Ming added.About MacroblockMacroblock has provided constant current LED drivers for over 500 worldwide customers with accumulated shipment of 500 million pieces since 2002. Those LED drivers have successfully applied in outdoor and stadium LED display, Beijing Olympics opening ceremony and recent China National Day ceremony. In the future, Macroblock, as a world-leading LED driver expert, will persist in providing the product with supreme quality and high performance to price ratio to satisfy customer’s requirements.

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