Aura Light introduces new LED concept

Date Announced: 16 Apr 2012

The lighting company Aura Light launches a new unique LED-light source. Aura UltiLED Long Life is energy efficient, gives high quality of light and lasts at least 60,000 hours. It has a lifetime guarantee of eight years and is a true Long Life light source.

This is a true Long Life LED light source. We have done everything in order to provide our customers with the best LED light source on the market.

Many LED solutions have had problems with moisture and chemical contamination harming the LEDs, and reducing the lifetime. To increase and secure the lifetime of the Aura UltiLED Long Life, the LED module is sealed in a glass tube in order to protect it from harmful material. The solution is developed to maximize the lifetime and guarantee energy efficiency for the users.

- This is a true Long Life LED light source. We have done everything in order to provide our customers with the best LED light source on the market. And because smartly packaged LEDs don’t die young, we offer a solid eight year guarantee, says Martin Malmros CEO Aura Light International AB.

Aura Light’s new LED light source looks like a T5-tube but is designed for new LED luminaries systems and not retrofit applications. This means that the LED light source should be used in specially adapted luminaires. Aura UltiLED Long Life is as easy to replace as a fluorescent tube, which means that the lighting installation can be upgraded with the most energy efficient technology as the LED-technology develops, without replacing the entire LED luminaire. The light source uses an external LED driver.

Aura UltiLED Long Life is a high lumen LED light source that delivers an expected lifetime of at least 60,000 hours. It is energy efficient providing a documented level of up to 100 lumen per Watt.

- We are very proud that we now can provide our customers with this extra energy efficient LED light source with up to 100 lumen per Watt. It’s a brand new type of LED light source for new LED luminaires and solutions, enabling our customers to get more sustainable, says Martin Malmros.

The new LED light source, which is developed in cooperation with Lexedis, is a joint venture between Zumtobel and Toyoda Gosei.

On the Light+Building fair in Frankfurt on the 15-20 April a LED solution for parking garages based on the Aura LED light source will be launched. The solution consists of a sealed Aura LED Luminaire Duro Long Life in combination with two Aura UltiLED Long Life tubes and a Long Life driver.

About Aura Light
Aura Light is a lighting company that develops, manufactures and sells Long Life light sources that last up to four times longer than a standard product. Aura also supplies Long Life lighting solutions that can reduce the energy consumption by up to 80 percent. This helps customers to save money and become more sustainable. The foundation for Aura was already laid in 1930 under the name Lumalampan and Long Life fluorescent lamps have been produced since 1980. The Head Office is located in Stockholm, whereas development, production and customer service can be found in Karlskrona. The Group also has subsidiaries and distributors and sells light sources all over the world. Customers are primarily found in industry, retail and the public sector. Aura has approximately 230 employees and a turnover of approximately 60 million Euros. Read more at

Martin Malmros, CEO and Group Director, Aura Light International AB 46 (0)8 564 883 40 46 (0)730 45 83 40


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