Prism Projection Studio Fresnel 4 and Profile Junior 2 LED entertainment luminaires achieve 60,000-hr lifetime

Dec. 5, 2014

The new Studio Fresnel 4 and Profile Junior 2 instruments provide designers and end users with unmatched energy efficient, creative lighting tools.

Sully, IA - As LED technology has progressed and is being rapidly embraced by the market, many manufacturers have entered the market to offer their own LED lighting products. Many have found it necessary to work through elements of compromise on product life, color quality, optical performance and output. All are critical decisions in formulating new product development offerings. Some shorten life rating as a means to increase output. Others recommend filters and/or HD lenses to ‘blend’ colors. Still others offer single color chips.

At Prism Projection of Sully, IA, the opposite is true. “Prism Projection is built around designing sustainable lighting without compromise - we didn’t want people to have to choose LEDs and compromise output, or compromise color consistency, or color quality - so all of our technologies have really centered around this no compromise mantra,” explains Prism Projection President Garrett Young. Prism’s latest entries into the LED luminaire market, the Profile Junior 2, an ellipsoidal unit, and the Studio Fresnel 4, both feature an extended lamp life. “We’re boosting the lifetime to 60,000 hours at 70% lumen maintenance of all of the units in both the Profile Junior 2 and the Studio Fresnel 4 lines,” says Young. Other manufacturers have actually downgraded their LEDs to as few as 10,000 hours. Overall output is also improved in both of the new lines. “The Studio Fresnel 4 has the same form factor as the Studio 3 series, while the output is equivalent to a 5K tungsten. As for the Profile Junior 2, it’s brighter than industry standard ellipsoidals, and in fact, they’re in a category of their own as far as output capability. They’re actually more comparable to products that marry discharge lamps and profile lensing systems,” Young adds. The Studio Fresnel 4 and Profile Junior 2 both have a new addition to their product lines- the 9C versions. Young explains, “With the 9C version of these products, we’re offering a new type of expanded gamut of color mixing - nobody has ever put nine primary colors into a color mixing system before, and so the hues and tones and their ranges are unmatched. For somebody who wants to precisely match a gel color, these would be the instruments to use.” The 9C also offers a new tool to designers across the board. “I think adding the 9C version really opens up a lot of possibilities for facilities like houses of worship and professional theater applications because of the tunability of color that will be available,” says Prism’s president. Key to the success of both of the 9C versions is the use of a new color that will enhance the units’ use in television and film. “We’re introducing a new primary color that hasn’t even been implemented in an LED fixture previously- a very deep red. With most of these fixtures, we’re illuminating people, and because of the blood in their veins, their reflection of deep red light is quite unique, and that’s often why an LED fixture or a fixture with low CRI on human skin doesn’t always look right,” notes Young. Both the Studio Fresnel 4 and the Profile Junior 2 come in a total of four versions: 3200k, 5600k, 9c and Enhanced Color. The Enhanced Color, also known as the EC, features tunable plus/minus green correction. All of the new Prism instruments feature a color rendering index of 90 or higher. The Studio Fresnel 4 and the Profile Junior 2 lines also feature improved energy efficiency via a reengineered power supply. Young explains, “People may never turn these fixtures off, because they’re controlling them with DMX, and many of our competitors have very high off state power. The fixtures are energized but they’re not actually outputting light and they may be consuming up to 20 watts. Our new power supply is quite smart and when the light’s not on, it goes into a deep sleep mode that only consumes half a watt.” That number is consistent with the Energy Star requirements that are imposed on many consumer products. He adds, “There is no other intelligent fixture- whether it is a moving fixture or an LED- that I know of that has that low of a standby power.” Responsible energy usage is at the nexus of the Prism Projection engineering philosophy. “I think that with all the fixtures there is a significant reduction in wattage for equivalent output. We generally find that with our customers that have high levels of usage, the fixtures pay for themselves in two to three years,” explains Prism’s president. All of the units within the Studio Fresnel 4 and the Profile Junior 2 lines will be available during the first quarter of 2015, and all feature Prism Projection’s True Source closed loop optical feedback that ensures LED consistency over time. At Prism, ‘Seeing Is Believing.’ About TrueSource™ LEDs are like snowflakes, each one is unique. Each LED has a specific color wavelength and due to their inherent properties can change over time and with fluctuation in the ambient temperature. Prism’s Patented TrueSource technology is a real -time color calibration process which uses a live optical feedback loop to unlock the true potential of LEDs. By actively monitoring color output, advanced algorithms regulate the color point wavelength and automatically compensate for color shifts in the individual diodes. The net result is consistent color between instruments and over time. Prism’s TrueSource line of products deliver exact colors without many of the operational concerns of other LED products on the market today. About Prism Projection Prism Projection is a privately held Iowa-based manufacturer of solid-state LED lighting products. Prism's core principle is the design and manufacture of LED lighting products that exceed the expectations of lighting and design professionals; advancing LED technology without sacrificing light quality. RevEAL products are used to illuminate television studios, film productions, theatre, events, theme parks, worship facilities, architecture, and more without compromise. All Prism Projection products are made in the USA.


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