Production Design Associates colors Piccolo Spoleto Festival with Robe's Robin LEDWash 300 lights

Production Design Associates lit up the Piccolo Spoleto Festival's kick-off event in Charleston, South Carolina, with Robe's ROBIN 300 LEDWash fixtures. The Sunset Serenade, held annually on the steps of the United States Custom House, is a free outdoor concert featuring the Charleston Symphony Orchestra with more than 5,000 attending, marking the start of the Piccolo Spoleto Festival.
The festival, sponsored locally in conjunction with Spoleto Festival USA, featured about 700 performing, literary and visual arts events over the course of 17 days. Often referred to as America's premier performing arts festival, Piccolo Spoleto was founded in 1979 by the City of Charleston Office of Cultural Affairs. Their goal is to provide a rich dynamic cultural experience to all, as well as give local and regional artists the opportunity to showcase their talents.
When PDA was once again hired to light the symphony, they decided it was the perfect time to try their new ROBIN 300 LEDWash fixtures. "I decided to throw in some of our new lights -- the Robe ROBIN 300s," explained Jeff Nickles, President of PDA. "I hadn't worked them that much and had never used them outdoors. I only had four units available and decided to see if they would throw some color on the building facade."
Nickles was impressed by the results. "Four units positioned about 80 feet away bathed the whole building in vibrant, rich colors. I had no idea they could be so punchy and with the zoom, I was able to adjust the spill off of the audience."
The entire building was immersed by colored light which was accented by the music throughout the evening. "This gives new meaning to getting the most 'bang for the buck,'" enthused Nickles. "Four units plus one circuit, no wires and one beautiful historic building... equals 5,000 happy people. I love this light.
"Piccolo Spoleto is the perfect complement to the international scope of Spoleto Festival USA, its parent festival which transforms Charleston into an exhilarating celebration of performing, literary and visual arts," concluded Nickles.


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