Deadmau5 performs in front of Chauvet Video Panels

Jan. 18, 2013
Date Announced: 18 Jan 2013 EL PASO, Texas — More than 200 CHAUVET® Professional video panels became the central part of an electrifying design for Audible, an EDM event organized at the Convention Center Hall, on Dec. 29. Audible featured performances by Deadmau5, Chris Lake and Audrey Napoleon.Provided by Creative Production & Design of Austin, Texas, 114 CHAUVET® Professional MVP™ 18 and 96 MVP™ 12 modular video panels made up for an impressive display, conceived in layers of video walls with a 3D feel. “The versatility of the MVP™ 18 panels makes it easy to use in many of our applications," said Daniel Wyatt, project manager of Creative Production & Design. Deadmau5 crew liked the modular design and the lightweight nature of the panels. For high-resolution graphics 18 of the MVP™ 12 video panels worked as the façade for the DJ booth, while a 6-by-13 video wall of the same panels was placed in the background. In between these walls, 11 high columns of one-by-10 MVP™ 18 video panels added more dimension to the stage. “The design of this show depended on the transparent nature of the columns and the MVP™ 18 panels where a perfect fit,” said Justin Jenkins, director of Creative Production & Design. “This transparency has allowed us to not only layer video designs, such as this one, but to also allow lighting to be mounted behind the panels and ‘blow through’ for an additive effect.”MVP™ 12 is a high-definition modular video panel with ultra-bright SMD LEDs and a pixel pitch of 12.5 mm, with a 13 percent transparency, which allows lighting and other atmospheric elements to pass through. MVP™ 18 is a bright, versatile modular video panel with SMD LEDs at a pixel pitch of 18.75 mm. Due to the panel’s transparency of 38 percent, pass-through atmospheric elements add dimension and interest to any show. Gear list: 114 x MVP™ 1896 x MVP™ 124 x MVP™ Signal Distributor3 x MVP™ Driver1 x MVP™ Media System Pro


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