BINAY LED-based medium intensity Aviation Obstruction Lights

Jan. 1, 2005
Date Announced: 01 Jan 2005 Medium Intensity Aviation Obstruction Lights (AOLs) are required to be installed on structures having heights ranging from 45 meters to 150 meters, as per the standards specified by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the (Indian) Directorate of Air Routes and Aerodromes (DARA). The intensity required is specified as a minimum of 1600 – 2000 candelas in red, flashing at the rate of 20-40 flashes per second.BINAY has developed LED-based Medium Intensity AOLs (under accepted patent) in two models for higher luminous intensity using special long-lasting, ultra high intensity InP Technology LEDs. These LED aviation lights conform to ICAO and DARA requirements, and are characterised by extremely long life (100,000 hours, or 11 years continuous burning), and low per consumption.The solid-state LED construction utilises an omnidirectional matrix of extremely high brightness LEDs which provide light intensities comparable to the existing aviation lights. These LED units are maintenance free, and are a “fit-and-forget” solution since they never require replacement. As such, the payback period of these LED Aviation Lights is extremely short.BINAY Medium Intensity LED Aviation Lights embody the following features:Enhanced Light Intensity (exceeding the minimum requirement): It should be noted that the life of the LED is dependent on the inherent LED characteristic which dictates that all LEDs depreciate steadily in light output during the course of their life. Accordingly, the C.I.E. (the international body on illumination) has denoted that the life of an LED ends when the light output depreciates to 50% of the initial value. (When the LED degrades to half of its original intensity, it is at the end of its useful life, although the LED will continue to operate as output diminishes.) As such, the initial intensity must be maintained at a much higher level than minimum to allow for normal LED intensity depreciation over its lifetime. EMI/RFI Protection: LEDs are sensitive semiconductor devices, and are liable to be damaged by electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, and random line noise. To protect against the same, an EMI/RFI filter is incorporated in the AOL.Low Power Consumption: Less than 85W for Medium Intensity AOL models.AlGaInP LED Technology: These LED AOLs are constructed of special industrial-grade LEDs utilising the latest AlGaInP LED technology (universally specified for outdoor LED applications). AlGaInP Technology LEDs can withstand high humidity and high temperature conditions, and are also protected from UV-A and UV-B solar radiation (which can cause deterioration in the epoxy encapsulation of the LED). Moreover, AlGaInP technology LEDs do not degrade as rapidly as the cheaper AlGaAs LEDs, thus ensuring a longer effective lifetime for the AOL.Fail-Safe Design: LEDs are configured in multiple series-parallel circuits; As such, fail-safe redundancy is built in – even if one circuit fails, the other circuits will still provide adequate visibility.Rugged Heavy Duty Construction: The body of the AOL is constructed in LM-6 alloy cast-metal, and is sealed against dust and water ingress. (NOTE: THE BINAY LED OBSTRUCTION LIGHT DESIGN IS UNDER ACCEPTED PATENT, AND AS SUCH IS A PROPRIETARY PRODUCT)

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