DOE hosts webcast on LED street-lighting evaluation

July 12, 2010
Speakers who are involved in LED street-lighting projects will share perspectives as part of the DOE’s Municipal Solid-State Street Lighting Consortium.
On July 20, the US Department of Energy will host a 90-minute live webcast to share experiences in the evaluation of LED street-lighting solutions.

Speakers from the Municipal Solid-State Street Lighting Consortium will share updates on Consortium activities and perspectives from three members who are in the midst of implementing LED street-lighting evaluations.

Consortium director Edward Smalley will provide an update on Consortium activities, and how regional working groups will accelerate the learning curve about LED street lighting solutions.

Tod Rosinbum from the City of Portland, OR, will share a west coast municipality's perspective, with a look at two ongoing Portland demonstrations, what they're learning, and how it will guide Portland's decision-making going forward.

John Walter from National Grid will share an east-coast utility's perspective, offering insights on how and why National Grid is evaluating LED street lighting. John will discuss how a utility with over 600,000 streetlights is structuring partnerships with several customers to develop, implement, and monitor LED pilot projects.

Amy Olay from the City of San Jose, CA, will share the perspective of a municipality who has decided not only to convert to LED streetlights but also to utilize adaptive lighting controls. She will discuss how testing and pilots have led to these decisions and the challenges they face addressing metering, security, and communication issues.

The webcast will begin promptly at 3:00 pm EST on July 20, and will include a 70-minute presentation followed by a 20 minute live Q&A session with attendees. The webcast is part of the DOE Solid-State Lighting Market Introduction Workshop, so attendees can register to attend the webcast in person (if they are attending the DOE workshop) or electronically.